Summary “The rich man Poor”

In ancient times, when the Lord God walked still on the earth, it happened that one evening he was tired, he was caught in the night, and there was nowhere he could spend the night. And there were two houses on the road, one against the other; was one big and beautiful, and the other – a small and seemingly plain. The big house belonged to the rich man, and the small poor. And the Lord thought: “I will not trouble the rich, I’ll stay with him.” The rich man heard that they were knocking at his door, opened the window and asked the stranger what he needed. The Lord replied:

– Let me spend the night!

He looked at the rich man from head to foot, and since the Lord dressed in simple clothes and did not look like he had money in his pocket, the rich man shook his head and said:

“I can not let you in, the rooms are full of vegetables and seeds; If I let anyone down at the door knock on my bed, then I myself would have to go around the

world with my bag. Ask, maybe where and let.

He slammed the window, and God stayed at the door. The Lord turned and went across the road to a small house. Only he knocked, pushed the poor man’s latch, opened his door and invited the stranger to enter.

“Stay the night with me,” he said, “it’s already dark in the courtyard, and where to go now!”

It pleased the Lord God, and he entered his house. The poor man’s wife handed him his hand, greeted him and said that he would arrange, how it would be more convenient for him, so that he was pleased; they do not have much, but what they have, they will give it from a pure heart. She put potatoes on the fire, and while she cooked, she gave a goat to treat it with some milk. Then they set the table, sat down the Lord God and ate with them together, and he liked their poor food, because their faces were pleased at the same time. Here they ate, and it was time to go to bed. My wife called her husband quietly and said:

“Listen, hubby, let’s make a straw for the night, and let the poor wanderer lie down

on our bed and rest: for a whole day he was on his feet, everyone here is scared.

“I will offer it willingly,” he replied, went up to the Lord God and suggested that if he would like to go to bed in their bed, he could rest on her properly. The Lord God did not want to take away their bed from the old people, but they offered him so much that, finally, he agreed and went to their bed; and they made a straw on the floor. The next day they got up a little light and cooked the guest breakfast, as good as they could. The sun was already shining in the window, the Lord arose, ate with them, and again gathered in the way-road. He was already in the doorway, but turned around and said:

“Because you were so compassionate and kind, wish yourself three different desires, and I will fulfill them to you.”

And the poor man said:

“What can I wish for myself, no matter how eternal bliss and that both of us, as long as we are alive, are healthy and have our daily bread?” and the third I do not know what to wish for myself.

And the gracious Lord God answered:

– Do you want to have a new house instead of the old one?

“Oh, yes,” answered the poor man, “if I could get it, it would be very pleasant for me.”

And God fulfilled their desires, turned their old house into a new one, gave them their blessing again and went on.

There was already a day when the rich man got up. He leaned out into the window, and saw that a new, elegant house was standing in front of him with red tiles, and there was an old hut there before. The rich man opened his eyes with surprise, called his wife and said.

“Tell me, how did this happen?” Yesterday evening there was an old, miserable hut standing there, and now there is a new, beautiful house. Run down and find out how it all happened.

My wife went and began to ask the poor man. And he told her:

“Some wanderer came in last night, asked to spend the night with us, and this morning, when we said goodbye to him, he fulfilled our three wishes: eternal bliss, health in life and daily bread, and a new, beautiful house instead of our old hut.

The rich man’s wife rushed home and told her husband how everything had happened. And the husband says:

– I’m ready to break myself into pieces: oh, if only I knew! After all, the stranger came to me earlier and wanted to spend the night with us, and I refused him.

“And do not hesitate,” says the wife, “get on your horse and you can catch up with that man and ask him to fulfill your three wishes.”

He listened to the rich man of good advice, rushed to the horse and overtook the Lord God. He spoke to him gently and politely, and began to ask him not to be offended, that he was not immediately admitted, he was looking for the key to the door, and he, meanwhile, had left. If it is back to return the same way, then let it be, they say, stops at him.

“Very well,” said the Lord God, “if I ever return, I will.”

Asked the rich man, can not he wish himself three wishes, too, like his neighbor?

“Yes,” said the Lord God, “of course you can wish, but it would be bad for you, and it would be better if you did not want anything.”

The rich man thought that it would be necessary to imagine something of this kind that would make him happy if it were fulfilled. And God said:

– Go home and your three wishes will be fulfilled.

The rich man got what he wanted, went home and began to think about what it would be like: He thought, pondered and lowered the reins, and the horse started to gallop, which prevented the rich from thinking, and he could not collect his thoughts. He patted the horse on the neck and said:

“Lisa, quieter,” but the horse continued to gallop and began to buckle. The rich man got angry and shouted impatiently: “Oh, so that you break your neck!”

And only he uttered these words – booze, he fell to the ground, and the horse lay dead and did not move: so his first desire was fulfilled.

And since the rich man was a miser by nature, he did not want to throw the saddle, he took it off and put it on his shoulders. He had to walk now. “I still have two wishes,” he thought, and he calmed down on that. He walked slowly along the sand, and at noon the sun was warming hotly, and it was hot and so heartbreaking for him: the saddle pressed his shoulders, but it still did not occur to him that he would wish it. “If I wished all the kingdoms and all the treasures of the world for myself,” he said to himself, “it would have occurred to me that one and the other desire, I know for sure, I want to arrange so that I do not have anything it remained to be desired. ” He sighed and said:

– Yes, if I were a Bavarian peasant who also had three desires, then I would know what to do, and I would like myself, first, more beer; secondly, as much beer as I could drink; and thirdly, a barrel of beer in addition.

It seemed to him that he already had a wish, but then he considered him too small. And he remembered how well his wife should be now, – she sits at home in a cool room and eats something tasty. But this angered him a lot, and suddenly he casually uttered:

“I wish she could have sat better than the house in the saddle and could not get off it and so I did not drag it on my shoulders.”

Only his last word broke from the tongue, as the saddle from his shoulders disappeared, and he realized that his second desire had come true. But it was only now that he was really hot, he went faster and wanted to sit at home alone in his room and think about something so big – about his last wish. He comes home, opens the door to the room, sees his wife sitting in the saddle there and can not get off him, moans and screams. And he says:

“Be happy with it, I’m ready to wish you all the riches in the world, just stay seated in the saddle.”

But she called him a fool and said:

“What do I need all the riches for, if I sit in the saddle?” You wanted this, you must help me get off it.

And he wanted or did not want to, but had to express his third desire: that the wife got rid of the saddle and could get off it. And immediately the desire was fulfilled. So, he got only one thing: annoyance, worries, swearing and the missing horse. And the poor lived in contentment, quietly and peacefully, as good people live to the most blessed death.

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Summary “The rich man Poor”