The composition of the picture Shishkin “Among the valley is flat…”

When the beloved wife of the artist Shishkin died, the author for a long time came to himself, and his work in many ways became sad and sad, thoughtful and dull. Writing in 1882, the painting “Among the valley is flat…”, Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin dedicated it to his despondency and sorrow. The tragedy struck his heart and soul, but believing in the power of his native land, the author did not allow himself to go into the years and sink into his grief, to dissolve in his solitude.

One day, while walking along the valley, the thoughtful author saw a tall oak tree that rose proudly and majestically watched everything that was happening around. This oak reminded the author himself, of the same unyielding and unshaken neither by misfortunes, nor by sorrows, however, the same as he, alone. It was this tree that prompted the artist to create a painting, which he later called one of the lines in the Russian poem.

If we talk about the picture, then in the foreground

there is this tall oak tree, which, towering over the valley, like a giant, spread its branches-arms around, as if to say that everything is around its possession. As if wrapping it, the sky can be seen, but it slightly changes its usual color of blue to darker tones, foreshadowing the coming of a thunderstorm. But such a giant can not be frightened, because he is old and mighty, he has already seen a lot in his lifetime and is still nothing and no one has moved him from his native place.

Making their way through the advancing storm clouds, the sun’s rays seem to worry for those who have not yet managed to escape. As if they point the travelers to the giant in the forest, which with its magnificent branches will hide from the storm and adversity. As if he would cover his “arms” of everyone who needs a night’s lodging and shelter. Directly to this oak tree leads a path, but it is so drowned that it seems as if many people have been hiding in the shadow of this giant, and many have saved it from the rain and the weather.

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The composition of the picture Shishkin “Among the valley is flat…”