Painting by Makovsky “Rendezvous”

In the famous picture of VE Makovsky’s “Rendezvous”, created in the second half of the 19th century, we see a boy of about ten and his mother. Their figures are clearly written out in the foreground. The woman came on a date to her son, whom she probably had not seen for a very long time. Judging by her appearance, she is a simple peasant woman: she has a black simple sheepskin coat, tied up like a village handkerchief, from below she can see the edge of her red skirt. She came, most likely, from afar, on foot. Next to her, the artist painted a small dusty bundle and a staff.

Her little son, apparently, was given to the city for training the craft. He works in some shop. This is also evident from the way the boy is dressed. On it is a dirty oily apron, an old faded shirt. He stands barefoot and eats eagerly brought the mother kalach. The boy holds the bread firmly with both hands and can be seen that he is hungry.

It is easy to understand that the life

of both mother and son is unsweetened, poor. It takes a lot and hard work, but there is still not enough money. From the poverty of the child and given so early to strangers. At home, in the village, probably, there are still young children, and it is very difficult to feed all of them to their parents.

In those times, which VE Makovsky portrayed, children from poor families often lived in someone else’s house as servants or apprentices. They were often given the most dirty and hard work, beat them, fed poorly. Of course, with such a life the guys often hurt, or even died. Perhaps the mother shown here went to a distant city first of all then to make sure that her son is alive and well, to feed and pet him. But at home the woman has a lot to do, and the boy must return to work, and therefore they will soon again part for a long time.

The position of the heroes of this picture is, as it were, emphasized by the wretchedness of the room in which their short meeting passes. It’s dirty, half empty. I think this is a room where workers usually rest and eat. In the corner there is a wooden barrel, and

on it there is a jug for drinking. Through a small window on the mother and son, sunlight falls. He seems to rejoice at their long-awaited meeting.

While the boy is eating, the mother silently looks at him and thinks about something. The expression on her face makes it clear that her thoughts are not happy. Peasant to tears sorry for his son – tired, poorly dressed and hungry. She imagines that it is not easy for him in a big and unpleasant city. Especially hard is that she can not help him in any way. Mother, probably, wants to take the son home, but this can not be done, because then they will have nothing to live on. The heart of the mother literally tears apart from love, pity and the inability to change anything. These dramatic feelings are very well conveyed by the author of the picture. I consider them to be the main ones. In a routine plot, VE Makovsky showed truthfully and talently the problems of the people of his time.

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Painting by Makovsky “Rendezvous”