Painting Plastov “Spring”

Plastov is my favorite artist. His work, as it were, returns us many years ago, showing the era in which the artist lived. One of my favorite paintings of Plastov is “Spring”, written in 1952.

On the canvas, a girl with a rocker and two buckets is sealed, she picks up water from the spring into these buckets. A special contrast is attached to a light dress and rushes bushes behind the girl. We can only imagine from stories and pictures that people had to go somewhere for water, we just need to turn the valve of the crane or dial the coveted delivery numbers on the phone, and bring the water directly to the apartment, however, for the money. And there are still a few sources left. I remember how my grandmother told me that when she was young, they ran to the spring, not only to drink water, but also to wash. The water in the springs is always clean.

By the accuracy with which the artist depicted a girl of that era, one can feel his love for those times and customs. The artist painted a hot summer day with a blue sky and porous clouds.

I undoubtedly wanted to help this girl bring the buckets home. Or wash with crystal clear spring water. To feel the smell of a summer day. Walk barefoot along the country road as well as this girl. And maybe even play with the local kids in catch-up or hide-and-seek. I seemed to have touched that time, and I was there for a minute. I was not afraid that you need to go for water to the spring, there is every friend to you.

As my grandmother said “In those days, people were friends with each other, and there was so much anger and envy.” So why can not we be kinder now, what’s stopping us. The painting “Spring” caused me a lot of warm feelings, made me think about the present tense and feel the positive aspects of that era.

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Painting Plastov “Spring”