The Painting by Serebryakova “At breakfast”

3. E. Serebryakova was born and grew up in a talented family, where everyone was engaged in art. Therefore, no one was surprised by the giftedness of the girl and her desire to become an artist. In the first works of E. E. Serebryakova there was an independent handwriting and style.

At the beginning of the 20th century, she especially often portrayed her children: Zhenya, Shurik, Tatu and Katya. In 1914 a group portrait “At breakfast” was created.

At the table three children are depicted waiting for a meal. One drinks water from a glass, another has already taken a spoon, the smallest has put a chubby hand on a plate. Children are shown in an active state, they do not pose. We see in the foreground a lively, sociable Shurik, on the other side of the table – a dreamy, slightly slow-going Zhenya, resolute, impatient Tata turned and looks directly at us. Everyone only has his own facial expressions, look, posture, gesture.

Like many other works Serebryakova, it’s not just a portrait, but a portrait-picture. A significant part of the canvas is still life. With great care written tight starched tablecloth, yellow jug, soup bowl, clear glass, ruddy buns.

The painting conveys the poetry of everyday, earthly: a peaceful scene at the table and charming, living children. This, probably, was the beloved world of 3. E. Serebryakova: her house, her children.

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The Painting by Serebryakova “At breakfast”