Composition on the picture of Yuon “August evening: the last ray, Ligachevo”

The end of the summer was KF Yuon’s favorite time of the year. The theme of the August evenings in the works of KF Yuon appeared in the 1920s, when the artist bought a village house in the village of Ligachevo, which is near Moscow. The painting “August Evening: The Last Ray Ligachevo” was written by a mature artist in 1948.

The canvas depicts the terrace of the Ligachev house. Yuon chooses for his picture the pre-evening lighting. The hot tones that the painter uses to represent the inner space of the village structure, he skillfully combines with cool greenish shades, recreating the garden outside the window.

The colors of the garden have not yet died out – on the contrary, before they cool down, they burn particularly hot. The artist as if offers the viewer to bid farewell to the pomp and riot of colors – until next summer. This gives the canvas an elegiac sound.

The landscape seems to burst from the window and finds its continuation

in the form of a luxurious yellow bouquet of wildflowers, located in a vase on the table. The white tablecloth is covered with multicolored highlights and shadows. It seems that both the massive chairs and the samovar on the table still preserve the warmth of the people who just left the garden. This makes the work of Yuon especially cozy and attractive.

The canvas “August Evening: The Last Ray, Ligachevo” was painted by the artist when he was already over 70. At the same time, she conquers not only poetry, but also her sunny color, a picturesque temperament, indicative of the bright emotionality and unfading watchfulness of the author.

Artistry and emotionality, freedom of pictorial manner and joyful perception of life – this is clearly read in this work of the artist. And it excites the viewer, finding a response in his soul.

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Composition on the picture of Yuon “August evening: the last ray, Ligachevo”