“Journey on a ship” composition

“Journey on a ship” composition

Last summer, with my friends for the first time in my life, I stepped on board a training ship. Sensations are unforgettable, which will be remembered for life.

To begin with, I have been to sea many times, but I have never sailed on ships. I would say “sea cowardice”. It so happened that I was invited to take the course of a young sailor and make a three-day voyage on a real ship. Imagine only, I’m on a fairly large ship…

Once on the ship, the first thing I noticed was the huge sails that more and more often tore the gust of wind. Surprisingly, I did not see any fuss, chaos, everything was as if in a quiet bay. No one was in a hurry: someone was sitting and just watching the traffic in the seaport, and who just stood and, thinking about his, was looking into the distance of the sea horizon. As it turned out, this initial impression was deceptive. As soon as the captain of the ship gave the command “To raise the sails, Full speed ahead,” as immediately the whole crew began to move. All the members of the team began to deal with their business: someone on the deck bent over the cable ropes unknown to me, and who disappeared into those cabins. All this reminded me of a great machine for the production of some products – in this case, the products made a sea voyage.

Ina has passed and five minutes as I am with my new friends on the high seas. The noise of sea waves, the headwind, hovering along the deck – all

this inspired me as a spiritual person. The sea… How much freedom there is. After all the sea voyage, I thought a lot. I felt completely free, never once remembering earthly problems. The mysterious influence of the sea on a man makes you think. Of course, I’ll get used in a couple of days, and everything will become ordinary for me. But now I’m just standing at the stern, I catch this unearthly pleasure.

I also want to mention sea fishing in my story. What is special about it, you ask? It is extremely exciting. Here it is not enough to throw the fishing rods and wait for the catch. The most interesting stage begins when fishing the fish on the ship. It requires incredible efforts. It’s enough to see than read hundreds of times.

Everything passes, everything changes, exactly, because the fate of these seamen surrounding me changes. But there is always a memory of your home, of your forever floating ship. It’s not surprising, because human life, like a big ocean, is full of mysteries, mysteries, and inner life.

“Journey on a ship” composition