Autumn is the best time of year

In my opinion, autumn is the best time of the year. Each month is good in its own way.

Withering nature in September is full of sad charm. The foliage changes green to yellow, red, purple and many other colors and shades. Especially in the beginning of autumn, holly maples are attractive. With their delightful coloring, they resemble the hot flames of a huge fire, before the radiance of which all other colors of the autumn palette fade. With the increasing contrast of day and night temperatures, the maple “fire” flares up brighter.

When you wander through the September peace in the forest, you involuntarily feel the feeling of a holiday. It seems that the leaves seem to radiate a soft radiance from within, which makes all the glades and edges of the sky glow with a gentle light:

I love the magnificent nature of withering,
In crimson and gold clad forests…
AS Pushkin

October is the first cold autumn month. The wind-leaf shakes the trees, tears off the withered leaves from them. The brass coins of the poplar fall on the wet earth, their scarlet-red feathers drop, the ashtrays of chestnuts drop, everything is whiter, the light of the exposed birches is more spacious.

The grass dries up, the grass is falling, unless the flower is still basking in the rays of the farewell warmth.

November is the threshold of winter. Snow-damaged trees, a light white cover in the fields and meadows, ice-clad ponds are all in the nature of the coming month. Plants are preparing for hibernation, under the white thin veil hide the last color of nature:

One joy that in places
Nalet whitened and silver
Softened with fluffy features
The work of a thin pen…
IF Annensky

I love autumn in all its forms. This amazing time of year amazes with a variety of colors and transparency of air, changeable weather, a special sad charm.

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Autumn is the best time of year