What is happiness? And is it there?

If you can find the answer to the question about what happiness is, then the second question disappears by itself – it means it exists. But the fact is that there is no universal definition of happiness that satisfies everyone.

“Happiness is when people understand you,” said the unrequited schoolboy in a beautiful film “We’ll Live To Monday.” “Happiness is when one wants to go to work in the morning, and with joy to return home in the evening,” say those who love their work and family. There are many definitions of happiness. There is, probably, in philosophy some very clever and very boring definition. I do not know and, frankly, I do not want to know.

My definition of happiness is simple: happiness is to live in this world. Let this life not consist of only joys and pleasures, let there be difficult days. After all, what happiness do you experience when all the difficulties are over! Let not always be fun, sometimes you

have to sink. Better, of course, that the sadness was light. “I am sad and light, my sadness is light,” AS Pushkin wrote, and in these words, I think, he conveyed all the feeling of happiness.

Unfortunately, about the value of life, about happiness, a person thinks often only when a tragedy happens, when he or a loved one faces a mortal danger. That life is the most precious thing that the Lord has given us, the most valuable thing that every man has, one must be aware constantly and hourly. I am taught this by the life of my own grandmother, who visited twice, as she says “there,” and fate was graceful and brought her back here to live with us. Next to it, we all learned to appreciate life: happy that we see the sun, we feel the warmth of our native people and friends, we hear songs from our childhood, we work, we learn, we live very amicably.

I find happiness also in the fact that I study at school willingly and without problems, without upsetting my parents and teachers. It’s also a great happiness to spend school days in such a way that every morning try to run to school quickly,

to be happy with the girl’s luck, to the fact that today our favorite subject is history and that the teacher at the end of the lesson will tell something especially interesting that you will not read in no textbook. Yes, unless about everything you will tell! Someone can laugh at my reasoning: they say, her happiness consists of such trifles.

Yes, the essence of life for me is to cherish every minute of my life, to strive every day to create at least a tiny good, to love loved ones, to feel their love and not to wish evil to anyone. Wake up in the morning and feel happiness simply because the sun shines, the sky is blue, and the grass is green. If I’m lucky enough to live this way – this will be the most real happiness.

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What is happiness? And is it there?