Above our homeland smoke

The theme of the war has a long history in world literature. The war between the warring nations, neighboring tribes and clans is mentioned in the Sumerian epic. This is the very first written testimony of the lawless human fratricide on earth. The Sumerian epic tells how, after the victory won, the victor set new limits of his own free will, as many beautiful buildings were devoted to fire and destruction. But after one generation the population of the conquered country, not in agreement with the slavish lot, rose to fight. Again, human blood poured.

The lines of the epic are a memory of the tragedy that took place five thousand years ago. Since then, mankind has experienced thousands of large and small wars. And each time the great artists of the word, brush, cutter tried to capture another tragedy – not so much in the name of the memory of the innocently fallen, but in the edification of the descendants. But after one, two, three, four thousand years, the man remained

true to himself, resorting to arms in all controversial situations.

From early morning until evening, from evening to light, arrows of arched, thundering sabers of helmets, cracking spears damask in a field unknown among the land Polovtsian.

The black earth under the hooves of the bones was sown and bloodshed: they grieved over the Russian land…

So the unknown author of the immortal poem “The Lay of Igor’s Host” described a senseless carnage on the banks of Kayala, where all the Russian soldiers who went on a campaign with Prince Igor fell.

Unfortunately, in our time in the world bloody wars do not stop.

But, perhaps, the most terrible and cruel of all wars was for our people the Great Patriotic War. Human memory now and then returns to the topic of war, because the immediate participants of those events are still alive, because the Great Patriotic War touched everyone. Perhaps there is not a single family in which the grandmother or grandfather did not fight, at the front.

However, time does not stand still, and for many young men and girls of my generation

this war already seems a distant history. Therefore, as the poet M. Lukonin noted, “we do not speak laudatory, we do not need laurels…”. We need truth, even if cruel, but the truth of military everyday life, however bitter it may be.

And it is especially obvious today, in our days, when the realization that the Great Patriotic War was one of those 15 thousand wars that humanity has experienced in its history is gradually coming to light. One of the historians was not too lazy to calculate that in these wars nearly four billion people died. And if you remember that the current number of people on Earth is six billion, you’ll be horrified: it turns out that for five thousand years a whole planet has already died in wars.

Mentally penetrating through space and time, you come to the belief that man is a bad disciple. After all, he was so useful and could not take his own history from the lessons. And yet I want to look to the future with the hope that sooner or later the most tragic pages of the past will be the most instructive for mankind.

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Above our homeland smoke