“Summer rain” composition

Warm and joyful, bringing renewal to all nature, summer rain is a long-awaited and incredibly pleasant phenomenon for the forests and fields exhausted by the heat, dusty streets and houses. Noisy summer rain is superfluous and cunning, but its imaginary severity instantly melts, giving off life-giving moisture to everyone who craves its healing power.

The charm of summer rain is indisputable, its distinct and incessant noise seems to indicate how the earth has suffered, and to water it is the first task of nature. The full drops fall on the grass, the leaves of the trees, the roofs of the houses and, merging into fast brooks, swiftly roll down to the grateful earth.

How wonderful to substitute face and palms for this magical stream, which chills hot skin, washes and rejuvenates not only the body, but the soul. Summer rain is the youth and passion of nature itself, and it is so sweet to give it to cool and fresh streams. Each drop of summer rain is energy and an invigorating force, and every living cell feels and eagerly drinks this life-giving moisture.

Rain makes everyone happy. It paints the foliage of the trees with brighter and fresh colors. It makes the lakes and rivers full, the land warm and moist, so that the green shoots of the young grass are more readily and more vigorously nailed through its fertile stratum. Generous and awakening is the summer rain for sown fields, and the heart rejoices in slender breads, abundantly irrigated by the streams of gentle summer rain.

Who saw the sky during the summer rain, will never forget this gray-steel shade with blue glimpses of the summer azure. Even gloomy clouds with their leaden weight can not overshadow this picture.

It is not true that in the rain nature cries. On the contrary, she rejoices at her renewed appearance, and if raindrops are tears, then the tears are only of joy and immediate childish tenderness.

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“Summer rain” composition