Composition of fate

Fate… An incomprehensible power that governs life… Probably, it still exists if people from ancient times still believe in it and even try to predict it. What is fate? A series of coincidences, coincidences or something predetermined? Is it worth arguing with fate or better submitting to it submissively? These questions for millennia do not give rest to sages of different nationalities. And there are no definitive answers yet. Yes, and will it ever be. “Fate sculpts and crushes as it pleases,” said Plautus. Well said… Another opinion of Montaigne: “Fate supplies us only raw material, and we ourselves are given to give it a form.” Also, it would seem, it is true, although fundamentally contrary to the previous statement.

Even the great ones do not have a common opinion on this score. How to be a mere mortal? To rise or to accept the inevitability? Everyone chooses for themselves. depending on the nature and way of thinking. And fate makes

adjustments… I think, in relation to predestination, one must adhere to the “golden mean”. On the one hand, do not underestimate fate. At least, we all have one final – and you can not argue with this (it’s another matter – what it will be and when). Let us recall Bulgakov’s Berlioz. He imagined himself the only creator of his own life – but he was “suddenly mortal,” a toy in the hands of higher forces.

On the other hand, it is foolish for a person, a creature possessing intelligence, to dwell in anticipation of something unavoidable. In the end, no one has yet proved that fate does not give us a choice. “Everyone is the blacksmith of his own destiny…” These words of Julius Caesar are a worthy answer to those who consider themselves a limp toy in the hands of omnipotent fate, who think that everything in life is predetermined in advance and nothing can be changed at all. Demosthenes was tongue-tied from birth, had a weak voice, short breathing, a habit of twitching his shoulder. The fate of the great orator was not at all amused. But

with perseverance and energy he defeated the shortcomings. And he won the masses with his performances… Suvorov was born a weak and painful child. It would seem that his fate is predetermined. In any case, there was no question of a military career. And he, thanks to his will and courage,

So, you can argue with fate, show her his right to freedom of choice. The main thing is not to give up, not to retreat before difficulties, to believe in yourself and your strengths, to create your destiny, and not to meet it without resentment. Fate is supportive of the strong. Yes, she’s shuffling cards. But we play them! “Every man is a blacksmith of his own destiny…” Words of wisdom. Words full of meaning. And yet… Caesar himself, according to legend, was predicted to die in the March ida (March 15, according to the ancient Roman calendar). On that day, 44, he really died at the hands of the Republican conspirators. An amazing, unpredictable thing is fate…

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Composition of fate