My hobby is music composition

The diverse hobbies of one boy profoundly describes the work on the theme “My hobby”. Serious occupation of music does not prevent a young child prodigy from getting involved in photography and fencing, painting and studying foreign languages. When a person is interested in spending time with benefit, then any hobby will bring him real pleasure.

My hobbies are filled with everything, free from school lessons, time. But I do not want to refuse even one of them.

My main hobby is music. While studying at the music school, I mastered several instruments: an accordion, a piano, a guitar and percussion instruments. School friends jokingly call me a man-orchestra. My family is professional musicians, so the love of music lies in my genes.

My second hobby is sport. I’m fencing. This noble and romantic sport is very popular not only me, but also girls. It is always pleasant to do without a bloody fist fight with a rival, replacing it, for example, with a

duel with swords.

In my next hobbies I’m not so successful, but the pleasure from them is enormous. Photography is an art. But I’m doing it on an amateur level, I’m catching unexpected interesting episodes of school time or doing memorable pictures for a family photo album, basically, at the request of the parents.

I also visit the art studio. The artist from me, to put it bluntly, no, but, how much fun and positive it brings to me this is my hobby.

And, of course, foreign languages. For me, as for the future, touring with an orchestra, a musician, they are extremely important. First, the study of languages ​​I was very stressed, and then even liked it.

In the classroom, I’m a young zoologist, an ecologist and a naturalist, because I really love nature and animals. At one time I even dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, but the love of music won in this battle.

During the summer holidays, I get tired of rest. I just have nothing to fill a lot of free time that has fallen on me for as long as three months. Therefore, I everywhere carry a backpack full of dictionaries. And also take pictures.

Thanks to my hobbies, I know exactly why you need to study. I will become an adult and smart. I will never be bored with my family and friends.

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My hobby is music composition