“Cheerful soul” Chekhov in brief

Olga Semyonovna Plemyannikova, the daughter of a retired collegiate assessor, enjoys universal sympathy: those around are attracted by the good nature and naivete emanating from the quiet rosy-cheeked young lady. Many people call her just “darling”.

Olga Semenovna feels a constant need to love someone. Her next affection is Ivan Petrovich Kukin, an entrepreneur and a custodian of the entertainment garden “Tivoli”. Due to constant rains, the public does not attend performances, and Kukin bears solid losses, which causes compassion in Olenka, and then a love for Ivan Petrovich, despite the fact that he is short and thin and speaks with a liquid tenor.

After the wedding, Olenka arranges to the theater for her husband. To her acquaintances she says that this is the only place where one can become an educated and humane, but ignorant public needs a farce.

In the great post, Kukin leaves for Moscow to recruit a troupe, and soon Olenka receives a

telegram of the following content: “Ivan Petrovich died today, suddenly waiting for funeral orders Tuesday.”

Olga Semyonovna is very much going through his death and is deeply mourning. Three months later, passionately fell in love with Vasily Andreevich Pustovalov, Olenka again marries. Pustovalov runs the wood warehouse of merchant Babakayev, and Olenka works at his office, writing out bills and releasing goods. It seems to her that the forest is the most important and necessary thing in life, and that it has been trading in the forest a long time ago. Olenka shares all her husband’s thoughts and sits with him on holidays at home. On the advice of friends to go to the theater or the circus, she responds with a stern answer that people of work are not up to trifles, and in theaters there is nothing good.

With her husband, Olga Semyonovna lives very well; every time Pustovalov leaves for the forest in Mogilev gubernia, she misses and cries, finding solace in conversations with veterinarian Smirnin, his lodger. Smirnin broke up with his wife, having caught her in treason, and every month sends

forty rubles for the maintenance of his son. Olenka is sorry for Smirnina, she advises the veterinarian for the sake of the boy to make peace with his wife. After six years of a happy marriage Pustovalov dies, and Olenka again remains alone. She only goes to church or to her husband’s grave. Reclamation lasts six months, and then Olenka converges with a veterinarian. In the mornings they drink tea together in the garden and Smirnin reads a newspaper out loud. And Olenka, having met a lady in the mail, says that there is no proper veterinary supervision in the city.

Happiness does not last long: the regiment, in which the veterinarian serves, is transferred almost to Siberia, and Olenka remains completely alone.

Years go by. Olenka is growing old; friends lose interest in it. She does not think about anything and she does not have any opinions. Among the thoughts and in the heart of Olenka is the same emptiness as in the yard. She dreams of a love that would capture her whole being and give her thoughts.

Unexpectedly, Olenka returns to the veterinarian Smirnin. He reconciled with his wife, retired and decided to stay in the city, especially since it was time to give his son Sasha in the gymnasium.

With the arrival of the Smirnin family, Olenka comes to life again. Veterinarian’s wife soon leaves for her sister in Kharkov, Smirnin himself is constantly in check-out, and Olenka takes Sasha to her lodge. Her mother’s feelings awaken in her, and the boy becomes Olenka’s new affection. She tells all her friends about the advantages of classical education before the real and about how difficult it was to study in the gymnasium.

Olenka blossomed and grew young again; friends, meeting her on the street, feel, as before, pleasure and call Olga Semyonovna darling.

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“Cheerful soul” Chekhov in brief