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Monument to Alexander Pushkin in Moscow. Creativity of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin is rich and immortal, on it has grown more than one generation. The poet lives in the memory of people. But besides this, monuments are created that remind people of how the poet looked, carry his image.

One of the monuments Pushkin u is located in the heart of Moscow on Pushkin Square. This monument was erected in 1880 to the birthday of the poet. The monument was created by the sculptor AM Opekushin, and the architect of the pedestal is VA Petrov. The monument is made of bronze, it is perceived as monolithic, standing for centuries. In such an image, Pushkin is very natural: his right hand is laid over the side of his coat, and the left one is laid at ease behind his back, in it the poet holds a hat. The fact that the left leg is slightly extended creates the illusion of slow movement. It seems that the poet at the same time will come down from the pedestal and go to us.

The head of Alexander

Sergeevich is inclined, his eyes look sadly at the descendants. According to his expression, you can say that Pushkin was thinking about something and completely detached from the world around him. Inspiration captured the poet. Maybe he creates his new work or thought about the fate of Russia, the life difficulties of a simple Russian person. Being a national poet, Pushkin is dressed modestly, day to day. He wears a coat and trousers, and a long cloak is thrown from above, which descends downwards through a multitude of folds. In this monument the sculptor not only accurately conveyed the appearance of the poet, but all his mood, spirituality. The monument’s pedestal is high. It is symbolic, it shows the loftiness of the poet, his soul, thoughts and feelings. On the pedestal are carved words from the famous poem Pushkin and “Monument”, which in our time sound prophetically:

A special color is added to the monument surrounding the area. On both sides of the figure of the poet there are elegant cast-iron pillars. The monument is surrounded by a chain of laurel leaves, which symbolizes the laurels of the poet. The square is surrounded by greenery, trees, bushes. At the monument you think about the work of Alexander Sergeevich. His heritage and wealth are his wonderful poems. They carry freedom, optimism, respect, compassion and love for people. This monument and other numerous monuments Pushkin u – a reflection of the “monument of the hands of man”, which the poet himself erected to himself immortal works.

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Works about monuments