Biography of George Byron

George Gordon Byron is an English poet.

George Byron was born on January 22, 1788 in London in a titled, but poor family. The first education in Byron’s biography was received at a private school. Then he began to study at the classical gymnasium, Gleni’s school, the Harrow school. In this school, several poems Byron was written.

In 1807 Byron’s lyrics were first published. In response to the harsh criticism that came out only a year later, in 1809, Byron’s work “British Bards and Scottish Critics” was published. After the travels, Byron’s poem “Childe Harold” was published, which quickly gained success.

Then in the biography of George Gordon Byron was published several poems, a satyr. In 1815 he married Miss Milbek, who twice proposed. Soon after the daughter was born, the couple divorced.

In 1816, Byron left England. Lived in Switzerland, Venice. At that time in the biography of George Byron, works were written: “The Prophecy of Dante”, “Marino Falero”, several parts of “Don Juan”, “Cain”, “Vision of the Last Judgment”, “Werner”, “Island” and many others. Having met in Geneva with the Countess of Guiccioli, he lived happily with her for some time.

In 1823 he went to Greece after the beginning of the uprising there. Wanting to help the country get free, even sold its English property. Then Byron caught a cold, and in April 1824 died.

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Biography of George Byron