The composition of patriotism

Eloquent essay on patriotism most clearly describes the inner experiences of a person who is not indifferent to the fate of the Fatherland. The patriot should be not only in ardent speeches at political rallies, but also in everyday life, selflessly love your home and city, and also bravely defend the interests of defenseless people, homeless animals and dying from our insatiable environment.

Patriotism is the state of mind of every worthy citizen of your country.

Love to the Motherland from the first word, the first step, the first bell. the first letter, backed up by parental and school education, manifests itself from an early age with patriotic feelings in a trusting, free from lies and hypocrisy, a child’s heart.

Breathlessly, we, with soul overflowing with pride, watch military parades on the main square of the country. With melancholy melancholy listen to the songs of the war years and with an enthusiastic trembling in our voice we congratulate the veterans

on the Victory Day. Lowering his head, solemnly silent at the obelisk of Glory to the fallen heroes of the Great Patriotic War, and we promise to always be worthy of the memory of our grandfathers who gave their descendants freedom and life.

At the lessons of history, we admire the boundless courage of the soldiers who fearlessly fought for the honor of their beloved country. The feeling of patriotism brings us up to full citizens of our state.

We love everything that surrounds us since childhood: parents, friends, school, hometown, a square with flowering chestnuts, a boundless wheat field, a ringing river at my grandmother in the village, the sun splashing in the blue sky, native faces and voices, without which our life would have lost all meaning.

Patriotism is not an ostentatious bravado or a play on words in crowded rallies. This feeling lives in the human heart, flickering with an unquenchable spark, ready to flare up with a decisive flame in, an hour difficult for the beloved Fatherland.

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The composition of patriotism