In kindergarten, painting was my favorite pastime, so I met pencils very early. I had a box with colored pencils, which I painted the pictures. Albums with my drawings are now very much liked by my younger brother.

Now I know that pencils are needed not only for children, but also for many adults. My uncle is an architect, and in his work he can not do without a simple pencil with which he draws designs of beautiful buildings with a ruler, a compass and other tools.

Recently I read a book about the history of pencils. It turns out that the age of the very first pencils on our planet exceeds 7 thousand years, and they looked completely different than now. No matter what pencils people invented: from the fat of wild animals, mixed with soot, from coals, they wrote cane sticks and goose feathers. Many centuries passed before the pencil took on a form that is familiar to us now.

Pencils, which I use in school, are always sharply sharpened and ready to work. In my pencil case there is a special compartment for pencils, with separate pockets for each. I know that a pencil rod made of graphite is very fragile, so I keep my pencils from falling off the table to the floor.

And in school, and at home pencils are my reliable assistants.

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