Summary of “Wedding”

Figaro and Suzanne, the servants of the Count and Countess Almaviva, are preparing for the wedding. Figaro finds out from his bride that the Count is hoping to seduce her, and is enraged. He is determined to take revenge on his master.

Dr. Bartolo appears with Marcelina, who at all costs wants to marry Figaro. She has a promissory note, according to which Figaro must give the money that she borrowed from her, or marry her. Marcelina accidentally encounters Suzanne, rivals exchange mutual insults.

Suzanne returns to her room, where Cherubino, the young page, rushes to her room. Seeing that Suzanne is alone, Cherubino confesses to her in love (however, he is ready to admit to love and all other women in the house). The Earl appears, Cherubino hardly has time to hide. The Count is again trying to seduce Suzanne. Basilio, the music teacher, enters the room, and Graf needs to hide. Basilio tells Suzanne that Cherubino is in love with the Countess. Hearing this, the Count flashes

out of his hiding place in a frenzy. He becomes even more furious when he discovers Cherubino and realizes that he was a witness of his attempt to seduce Suzanne.

Figaro collects all the inhabitants of the house to praise his master. Count is forced to bless Figaro and Susanne for marriage. But the Earl ordered the order to immediately go into the army.

The Countess mourns her husband’s lost love. Suzanne and Figaro persuade her to arrange Graf’s trap: they will send Cherubino, dressed in Suzanne’s dress, on a date with the Earl that night, and at the same time inform him that his wife went on a date with another man. Appears Cherubino. Women lock the door and begin to dress up as a girl. Suzanne enters the next room, at this moment the Count knocks on the door. He is furious, discovering that the door is locked. Cherubino hides in the dressing room, and the Countess admits her husband. Suddenly, noise is heard from the toilet.

The count does not believe his wife’s words about Suzanne. He goes for tools to break open the door, and demands that the Countess go with him. At

this time, Suzanne, who remained unnoticed and seen everything, helps Cherubino escape through the window, and herself takes his place in the toilet room. Upon returning, Count and Countess are surprised to find Susanna in the dressing room. It would seem that everything worked out, but the gardener Antonio comes and complains that someone jumped out of the window and crushed the flowers in the flowerbed. Figaro, who hastens to announce that everything is ready for the wedding, quickly improvises, assuring him that he jumped out of the window. Appear Bartolo, Marcelina and Basilio. They show Graf a promissory note, which obliges Figaro to marry Marceline. The Count announces that the wedding of Figaro and Susanna is postponed.

Susanna is misleading the Count, promising him a date this night. The count is overjoyed, but then he overhears how Susannah conspires with Figaro. In a rage, he swears to take revenge.

The Countess is alone. She dreams of regaining her lost happiness and decides to take part in a conspiracy against her husband.

Court. Marcelina brings with him the lawyer of Don Curzio and demands that Figaro immediately repay the debt or marry her. Figaro replies that he can not do this without the consent of his parents, from whom he was kidnapped in infancy and whom he has been seeking for many years. When he shows the birthmark on his hand, Marcelina realizes that Figaro is their long-lost son with Bartolo.

The Countess and Suzanne compose a letter to the Earl, confirming the evening meeting with Suzanne in the garden. Appears dressed in a woman’s dress Cherubino with his girlfriend Barbarina, daughter Antonio: together with other girls they brought flowers to the Countess. Antonio exposes the young man. The Count in a fury discovers that Cherubino disobeyed him and is still in the house. But his anger chills Barbarin, reminding that the Count promised to fulfill any of her wishes: she asks forgiveness for Cherubino and wants to marry him. Count is forced to agree.

All the households are going to the wedding of Susanna and Figaro. Susanna sends Graf a letter to which a pin is pinned.

Barbara in desperation: she lost the pin, which the Earl ordered to return Susanna. Appear Figaro and Marcelina. Barbara tells them about the planned meeting between Susanna and the Earl. Shocked by the treachery of his bride, Figaro denounces all women. He hides when Suzanne and the Countess exchange their outfits. Left alone, Suzanne sings of love. She knows that Figaro overhears her and takes pleasure in the fact that he thinks she is going to change it with the Earl. Then she too hides, just in time to see how Cherubino tries to seduce the disguised Countess. The page frightened off the Earl, who wants to be alone with the lady whom Suzanne considers. Figaro only now understands what is happening, enjoys a joke and declares his passion for Suzanne, supposedly assuming her Countess. The Count returns. Having discovered Figaro, as he thinks, in the company of his wife, he falls into a rage. At this moment, the real Countess comes forward. Confused Count begs her forgiveness. The crazy day ends.

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Summary of “Wedding”