Female images of the Quiet Don writing

In the novel “Quiet Flows the Don” there are two central female images. These are the images of Aksinya and Natalia – the beloved women of Grigory Melekhov.

Aksinya is a bright and beautiful woman. Her catchy appearance attracts men, she constantly has to fight off inordinately smart boyfriends. Aksinya is married to an unloved person, who mocked her a lot. His husband Stepan Aksinya tolerates, hates, but regrets. She is a good helper and friend, she takes on the hardest work, she can manage herself with any kind of household.

Aksinya will love Grigory for life with passionate love, passionate, hot. What people say about it is Aksinya will not care. Over time, she learns to wait, and Grigory resigns to the fact that the beloved did not always keep him faithful. For many years Aksinya will tolerate the humiliation of “illegal” communication, jealous and hating his lawful wife Natalia. In the ending of the novel, Aksinya will reconcile with the

Melekhov family, who could not tolerate it, will be watching their most fierce enemy, Ilyinichna, Grigory’s mother. She will take care of Melekhov’s children after Natalia’s death. Aksinya appreciates every moment spent with her beloved: “So unexpectedly and strangely her dream came true – to leave with Grigory away from the farm.” She did not think about the price at which this happiness came to her. She was smiling, feeling Grigory’s presence all over her body. “

Natalia is the wife of Gregory, whom his father chose for him. All her life she, suffering and crying, shares it with Aksinya. At the beginning of the novel Natalia is a very clean, shy girl. The sincere coldness of the groom has become a big blow and a disappointment in life. For the rest of her life, Natalia will keep her fear of her husband and distrust of him: “What is she jealous of you…” – says Daria’s “tongue-in-law” daughter-in-law.

However, Natalia stubbornly waits and loves the unfaithful husband, eventually waits for him, becomes the mother of

two of his children: “Natalya did not take her lovers, her hot and dim eyes from her husband.” She blushed, overcome her embarrassment before her, went to Grigory, , boundlessly happy eyes for a long time around her, stroking his hot, stale hand with his dry brown hand. “

Other female images of the “Quiet Don” are also interesting. This is the mother of Gregory and Pyotr Ilyinichna. A kind, wise, economic woman, she does everything for the benefit of her family. Ilinichna found an approach to her husband, known for his quick-tempered and “rabid” character.

Another female image of the “Quiet Don” – daughter-in-law Daria, wife of Peter. This woman is cheerful, with a light character, very fond of life, likes to relax and dress up. Behind the word Daria does not climb into her pocket, sharply answers even the father-in-law. Motherhood does not interest her, but run “to the left” – please. These parties will ruin Darya closer to the ending of the novel – she will become infected with syphilis, then incurable. It can not be said that Daria did not love her husband. No, it was the most dear to her.

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Female images of the Quiet Don writing