My favorite holiday

My favorite holiday is the New Year. I especially liked meeting the new millennium-2001! The holiday was then a success for us.

As always we gathered together with the whole family: Dad, Mom, I, my sister, Fedya’s uncle and Aunt Lida, my great-aunt, who is alone and therefore meets all holidays with us. Long before the New Year, we already sat at the table and ate various dishes cooked lovingly by Mama and Aunt Lida: there were pilaf, and a traditional salad with olive, and roasted catfish with sauce. And to this we still need to add two cakes, champagne for adults and Coca-Cola for us and grandmothers – she can not drink anything alcoholic because of high blood pressure.

Then, after toast and twelve strokes of the clock, we went to the balcony to watch the fireworks that are arranged for us in the courtyard for every New Year, and this time the fireworks turned into a whole light show: spinning balls, whole sheaves of colorful fire, whistles and a howl special firecrackers that raised the pillars of red and blue sparks above all other fireworks.

After the fireworks, adults continued to celebrate, and my sister and I had to go to bed, but we did not particularly worry about this, because we were tired and wanted to get to their beds faster.

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My favorite holiday