Personal opinion

Personal opinion

Spring… My daughter and my wife went to rest on school holidays, leaving me a newly planted red poodle Vic and a parrot Dusya. Vic – the charm. He is handsome, sleek, presumptuous, affectionate, and insanely thievish. I love him very much, because he is a real friend and brings some kind of pacification and balance into the family life of two journalists and their equally emotional daughter, fraught with unexpected explosions. Spring… The parrot Dusi – molting. It, poor, was created not for the Russian climate with its sharp cooling and just as rapid thaw.

I decided to take a walk with the poodle Vika in old Moscow. An hour later, the red-haired child turned into a colorless-gray tired creature with a blank expression and complete absence of any natural desires.

I shivered and drenched my legs, I habitually stopped near the home of the Journalists’ House on Suvorov Boulevard. At the entrance to the stool are their fellow journalists.

For what I love the House of Journalists – they do not discuss the dollar exchange rate and still remember the old reporter’s tales. Everyone complains about the lack of money, but for some reason the problem of drinking a glass, another, or a third does not appear to anyone.

… We are standing, smoking, this time we are discussing Lukashenka. Probably, recently, none of the political figures of the former USSR caused us – journalists – to have a negative attitude toward themselves, like Lukashenka. I am ashamed of some Russian high-ranking politicians and officials, who emphasize their respect for the anti-hero of our time. What he did with the journalists working in Belarus, makes us indignant. Journalists can not tolerate each other. But at critical moments we unite and do not forgive evil. Lukashenka is pompous and illiterate. For that and will always be responsible. We will help him in this.

In my program “Before and After”, which I have been on television for ten years, I often repeat the following words between the stories: “This is the program” Before and After. “We

only talk about politics from time to time, preferring simply life in all of them its manifestations, sad and joyful. “

… I really do not like everything connected with politics and politicians, but I can not and I have no right not to talk about the SS rallies in today’s Riga or about the deeds committed by Lukashenka. Because I’m a journalist. And this is not just a way of life, but also a profession…

And: I deeply respect the outstanding Belarusian writer Vasily Bykov, whose books have been read many times from cover to cover. I will never forget his small, stunning essay on Khatyn’s Bell, which reads: “Mankind must remember the deadly threat that it escaped in the recent past and take care of the future on a daily basis.” Alas, on the ground, alas, there was never a shortage of power-hungry adventurers, the dark forces of aggression, always willing to profit from the peacefulness of others, have always been sighted in it. In our cruel times it is not enough to love the world – we must be able to protect it… “

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Personal opinion