Writing what is courage

In my opinion, courage is the presence of the spirit in all situations, the courage and boldness inherent in a person. Also, the ability to act in a certain way, despite unfavorable circumstances, refers to courage. No wonder they say: “he collected all his courage and spoke directly,” “she had the courage to do her own way”

In the excerpt of “Childhood” Maxim Gorky tells about the incident – in the house Peshkov begins a fire. In this situation, the most courageous of the numerous relatives is the grandmother, the ancestor of the family. She immediately rushes to save the farmstead, cattle and children, while her husband nearly dropped her arms. “” Grandfather quietly howled. “- the writer compares the behavior of his grandparents at the beginning of the turmoil.” She was just as interesting as fire; illuminated by fire, which seemed to catch her, black, she rushed around the yard, always rushing, everyone in charge,

seeing everything. “- Such words he speaks of an old woman.

The fire ends, and my grandmother, forgetting her own burn, hurries to her grandson: to calm him, to console him, to say that the fire has already been defeated. In my opinion, this behavior is truly courageous: remembering others in an extreme situation, trying to help them somehow.

I know a good example of courage from real life. It also occurred in the fire. My cousin Alexei, who lives in a small town, became the very person who helped his neighbors to take out things and save almost all household utensils from the fire. He did not hesitate several times to run into the house and back, although it burned so that the building is now almost not subject to restoration. The neighbors sincerely thanked Alexei for their dedication, the media also reported.

Courage is a valuable quality for a person, it makes it possible not to get lost in any conditions. It is worth developing in yourself, appreciate and respect in other people.

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Writing what is courage