What is a good deed

They, these actions, are different. Under different conditions, much depends on them. For example, you lost your place in the bus to the grandmother. Or in the queue someone missed instead. A good deed? Good.

And if, for example, a soldier, saving his companions in the war, rushed to a grenade? Undoubtedly, this act can not be called simply – “good, kind.” He will be called heroic. But at the same time he is good. Though this sounds stupid.

And what if we imagine a world where no one does this? For example, the same grandmother is traveling in the same bus – but you did not lose her place. And she suffered from fatigue a heart attack. And a person whom you did not miss in turn, was late for an important meeting, lost faith in life and committed suicide. Or he became an alcoholic and lived out his days on the street, homeless and no one needed. What happens? Good deeds – not just so, did, praised myself – what I am. they say, good –

and forgot. Sometimes they depend on someone’s life. Though these actions seem small and insignificant.

So what is this – a good deed? Probably, in the scientific language it would sound like this: “A good deed, this is a certain sequence of actions of one individual, leading to the most prompt and beneficial satisfaction of the needs of another individual.” But, as can be seen from the previous examples – everything is not so simple. Although we took exceptional cases, which usually do not happen, everything is exactly like this.

There is such an interpretation: a good deed is an act from which everything is good. Not only to you or to whom he is directed, but to any person. That is, in fact, such an act is impossible. Why? Let’s take again the example with the queue: the person was not late for the meeting and received the post, but because of this another person could not get it, fell into depression and hanged himself.

So, good deeds are selfish by definition? No. After all, a heroic deed is also good, no matter how you call it. And so it will always be. And if you do good deeds often, then the balance of happiness and joy in the world will change for the better. And the more you do good deeds, the more they are looked at by you, committed by other people. Do, people, do good deeds – and they will return to you!

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What is a good deed