Composition on the theme “Great Patriotic War”

Seventy years have passed since the end of the great war. Then there was a blossoming spring. On the streets unfamiliar people embraced, radio receivers queued: listen to the joyful news. That spring, our people began with enthusiasm to restore the ruins of the country: the enemy was driven out, it’s time to put things in order in the house.

We do not like wars, because politicians, rich people or fanatics start their own interests. But the Patriotic War is called the Great War, because the people’s feat was great. People fought not for political values, but for their home, the garden around him, for the family. It is natural that those who fought for human values ​​won. And those who came to enslave, were defeated.

Now we all use the fruits of our great-grandfathers struggle for our freedom from slavery. And also – the fruits of their labor, because the military and post-war generation restored industry, rebuilt cities and villages, where we now live. The greatness of the people’s exploit is that they did not create for themselves. People sacrificed themselves for future generations, for us. We, living in comfort, complain much more about life than they do.

Why can war teach a person? First of all, to appreciate the world and to be fraternally united for it. Appreciate the opportunity to live with relatives, rather than wait them for years from the front. Loving and being with loved ones, and not getting “funerals” for suitors. It’s easy to walk down the street, and not to run to the bomb shelter as quickly as possible. Buy in the store fresh buns, and not bake bread from the swans.

Veterans of the Second World War can tell us how terrible war is, how much better the world is. But they are getting smaller. So let us ourselves remember this, so that large and small wars remain in history!

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Composition on the theme “Great Patriotic War”