“My City of Karaganda” composition

Every person has a homeland. In the broadest sense of the word, this is the country in which we were born and live. For each of us, it begins with a small: home, where we are surrounded by loved ones. Native yard, where we met the first friends and learned to appreciate friendship. The street where we go to school. Hometown, which for most of us has become KARAGANDA.

My favorite city is Karaganda. I grew up here and was born. I really love my city for its beauty. There are many beautiful places in our city. The main avenue of my city Bukhar-Zhyrau. There are many sights of the city: Bukhar-Zhyrau monument on the railway station square, city circus, Akjoltai ice palace, Nurken Abdirov sports palace and a monument to the same hero. In the center of the city stands the Palace of Culture of the Miners. Miner’s work is very difficult. My grandfather was a miner. This is a dangerous but honorable profession. Karaganda is famous for coal. Our city is a city of mining work. The

history of our city is inextricably linked with the history of development of the Karaganda coal basin.

In very difficult conditions, the formation of Karaganda occurred. Back in the XIX century there was nothing in place of the city. On the broad, boundless steppes, the wind chased the feathery waves. In 1833, a young shepherd Appak Baizhanov, found pieces of coal in the Karagandybasy tract, south of the Nura River. Hunger, illness, lack of equipment, poor living conditions did not prevent the heroic builders of our city. He grew up, creped and developed.

In the harsh years of the Great Patriotic War, the life-giving spring of Karaganda’s labor activity did not run out for one day. It is at this difficult time for the whole country that miners, women and children, despite the difficulties, work in mines, evacuated factories, in hospitals. Everything for the front is everything for victory!

Thousands of people from Karaganda defended their homeland with weapons in the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War. Forever in the annals of the Motherland and in our hearts will remain the names of the

heroes. Those who lay down on the battlefield, and those who happened to survive and meet the Victory Day. 20 Karaganda people were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

After the victory in the Great Patriotic War, Karaganda residents continued construction of the city. Karaganda has become a major industrial, cultural and scientific center of our country.

Now Karaganda is a modern and beautiful city. There are many parks and squares here, many buildings and houses are being built. The city is growing and developing.

Every time I’m far away, and it’s at such moments that you begin to miss your favorite city, I remember Karaganda. When you return back to your hometown, then you feel pleasant, joyful feelings from meeting with him.

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“My City of Karaganda” composition