My city in the future

We live in a beautiful city. I really love him and, of course, I want him to get better and better. Every day our life is changing, and the face of the city is changing. The future is always beautiful. And the future of the city in which you were born and grew up, all the more.

I have a dream. I see Kashira beautiful and modern.

On the streets and squares, in front of every solid building and in the public gardens, wonderful fountains beat, one better than the other. Their jets are multicolored, and music around them sounds, filling the city with a wonderful mood. On the wide streets there are cars that run on clean fuel.

I walk along the street spacious and clean, the sidewalks are lined with multicolored tiles, and neat green lawns stretch along them. The city is buried in flowers and trees. And surrounded by such a beautiful nature – a pledge of cleanliness, air, joy.

Passers-by admire the surrounding splendor and experience a feeling of joy and inspiration.

They will learn and work with great desire and pleasure.

I go to school. In our class there is a computer on each desk, it is easy and quick to write a control or an essay, immediately fix the errors and send the teacher to the computer. I do not have to spoil the mountains of paper, copy my work from a draft to a clean copy. That’s great! This will facilitate and make learning more fun and simplify teachers’ knowledge assessment. And teachers teach in a freer and more interesting form: through music, entertaining stories and trusting conversations with students.

After school with my classmates I go to the recreation center, where everyone will find a lesson to their liking. Someone will want to go in for sports, visit a gym or play billiards or bowling. Others will prefer to watch their favorite movies on the big screen. Still others will dance and listen to music with pleasure.

In the evening, after returning home, I sat down by the window. The streets and squares are quiet. There is no noise, no quarrels, no fights. Suddenly, it was a fine, snow-like rain. From touching the

face of cold drops, I wake up. Was it really just a dream?

I wake up and look around. Night. Out loud music is heard outside the window. On the contrary, in the building of the House of Culture, there is a disco. It’s unpleasant and scary to look at teens who have drunk beer, with another cigarette in their teeth and using a huge amount of profanity. It seems that our generation is loose, ill-mannered and uneducated. Is this the city I saw a minute ago?

But, I think, your city can be seen different, it all depends on us, on our participation in the life of the city. In our city, it is necessary to create a large number of different youth associations and movements. The more there are such teenage organizations, the easier it will be for a teenager to find their interests in the relevant organizations, clubs. The primary link in the youth policy can be school associations, in which conditions should be created so that the children can express themselves. These organizations should hold various meetings, hikes, country trips. At the same time, I think that you can not place all responsibility on youth associations. It all depends on the person, whether he has a desire to live and work in his hometown.

The well-being of the whole city will ensure the happiness of all people who will be satisfied with life, work and family.

I imagine my native city bright, sunny, green, one in which it is pleasant to live and in which you feel protected and happy.

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My city in the future