What is happiness?

Some think that happiness is elusive. Others try to find him in money, work, children, help other people. However, you do not need to be a genius in your forehead to understand: a person quickly gets used to everything. There is no amount of money that would make a person happy forever, as well as with children, friends, work, problems that do not depend on us can arise. And yet, notwithstanding. that everyone can remember the minutes when he was really happy.

It’s funny when we talk about happiness in the future time, it seems like an endless ocean: here you went ashore, and now – swim, It’s worth turning back, you understand that happiness in your life is only moments, moments, bright and unforgettable. You finally achieved the goal you longed for – happiness! You were given a dog – happiness! So what to believe – dreams or experience?

I believe that happiness is instantaneous, because “everything flows, everything changes.” One and the same person constantly poses new tasks throughout life, constantly achieving some results. He – moves, and his happiness moves with him, Happiness can not be saved, put aside for a reserve, but it can be reached, they can be shared. The happiness of man – in achievements, but not those that are “for everyone”, but those that are important and valuable for him. Money, friends, work are only means, good helpers on the way to happiness.

The more often a person experiences happiness, the brighter, lighter and more diverse his life is. The bird of happiness is shy, it needs to be tamed. But a happy person brings love, light, joy, smiles to the world – and the world is getting better.

Dare, try, try new sensations, learn the unknown! After all, the more a person’s interests, than his versatile diversions and diversified life, the more he has the chance to be truly happy.

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What is happiness?