“My Best Day” composition

I was looking forward to summer with great impatience, because this is my favorite time of the year. behind the studies, there is no need to do homework, parents are not interested in how things are in school, that is, you feel more free person.

But this summer I was waiting for (a) especially, since my parents had to go to the south, to the sea. Arriving at once we ran to the beach, swam and sunbathed.

But one day, spent in the south, I think is the best day of summer, I remember it for many years. On this day we decided to visit the water park “Golden Beach”. I did not know what he was like, so it was very interesting.

We went through the central entrance, it was equipped, as if a gate to a fairy tale. Having entered the territory, I was (a) surprised that there are so many people here and it’s very beautiful, there are so many different attractions.

At first we decided to visit the wave pool “Storm wave”. At times, the storm

began, the waves were up to one meter high, incredible sensations.

Then they noticed that mostly children ran to the hills. But at first they nevertheless rode on the children’s slides. We visited a pirate box with slides, where suddenly they could pour water.

Then they decided on a calmer, even slow descent from the “Yellow River” slide. But then we gathered courage and rolled down from the coolest and highest slides “Kamikaze” and “Black Hole”. They are not in vain because they are called, because you experience inexpressible emotions: a high speed of descent, as if you are in a tunnel, where it is dark, already the heart stops. After a while, finally, there is light, and you find yourself in the cool water.

After they decided a little rest from the experience, swam in a circle around the river, which skirted the territory of the water park, and then went to restore strength in the cafe, slightly snack. Energized, we continued to learn new water attractions, sunbathed a bit and photographed for memory. Time in the water park was very quiet.

For me it was the best day of summer, I will never forget it, especially there are many photos that restore the most pleasant memories in my memory!

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“My Best Day” composition