Summary “The Life of Alexander Nevsky”

Summary “The Life of Alexander Nevsky”

Prince Alexander was the son of the Grand Duke Yaroslav. His mother’s name was Theodosius. Alexander was taller than others, his voice was like a trumpet, and his face was fine. He was strong, wise and brave.

A nobleman from the Western country called Andreyash specially came to see Prince Alexander. Returning to his own, Andreyash said that he had not met a man like Alexander.

Hearing about this, the King of the Roman faith from the Midnight Country wanted to conquer the land of Alexandrov, came to the Neva and sent his ambassadors to Novgorod to Alexander with the notice that he, the king, takes his land prisoner.

Alexander prayed in the church of Hagia Sophia, received the blessing from Bishop Spiridon and went to the enemies with a small squad. Alexander did

not even have time to send a message to his father, and many Novgorodians did not have time to join the campaign.

Elder of the land of Izhorsk, bearing the name of Pelugius (in the holy baptism – Philip), Alexander was entrusted to the sea patrol. Having explored the strength of the enemy troops, Pelugius went to meet Alexander to tell about everything. At dawn Pelugius saw a boat sailing on the sea, and on it – the holy martyrs Boris and Gleb. They said they were going to help their relative Alexander.

Met Alexander, Pelugius told him about the vision. Alexander told no one to talk about it.

Prince Alexander entered the battle with the Latins and the king himself was wounded with a spear. In the battle, six soldiers distinguished themselves: Tavrilo Olexich, Sbyslav Yakunovich, Jacob, Misha, Savva and Ratmir.

The corpses of the murdered Latins were found on the other bank of the river Izhora, where Alexander’s army could not pass. The angel of God interrupted them. The remaining enemies fled, and the prince returned with victory.

The following year the Latins again came from the Western country and built a city on Alexandra land. Alexander instantly plucked the city, executed some of the enemies, captured others, and pardoned the third.

For the third year, in winter, Alexander

himself went to the German land with a large army. After all, the enemies have already taken the city of Pskov. Alexander liberated Pskov, but many German cities concluded an alliance against Alexander.

The battle took place on Lake Peipsi. The ice was covered with blood. Eyewitnesses told about the host of God in the air, which helped Alexander.

When the prince returned with victory, the clergy and residents of Pskov solemnly greeted him at the city walls.

Lithuanians began to destroy the Aleksandrovs’ volosts, but Alexander defeated their troops, and since then they began to fear him.

At that time in the Eastern country was a strong king. He sent ambassadors to Alexander and ordered the prince to come to him to the Horde. After the death of his father, Alexander with a large army came to Vladimir. The news of the terrible prince spread over many lands. Alexander, having received a blessing from Bishop Cyril, went to the Horde to King Batu. He gave him honors and dismissed him.

King Baty was angry at Andrei, the Suzdal prince (Alexander’s younger brother), and his commander Nevryu ravaged the Suzdal land. After that Grand Duke Alexander restored the city and the church.

Ambassadors from the pope came to Alexander. They said that Pope Alexander was sent by two cardinals who will tell about the law of God. But Alexander replied that the Russian law is known, but the doctrine does not accept the teachings of the Latins.

At that time, the tsar from the Eastern country forced Christians to go with him on a campaign. Alexander came to the Horde to persuade the king not to do so. And he sent his son to the Western countries. Dmitry took the city of Yuryev and returned to Novgorod.

And Prince Alexander on the way back from the Horde fell ill. He took monastic vows before his death, became a healer and died on November 14.

Alexander’s body was carried to the city of Vladimir. Metropolitan, priests and all the people met him in Bogolyubov. There were screams and crying.

Put the prince in the church of the Nativity of the Virgin. Metropolitan Cyril wanted to unscrew Alexander’s hand in order to put a charter into it. But the deceased himself reached out his hand and took the letter… This miracle was told by the Metropolitan and his economy Sebastian.

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Summary “The Life of Alexander Nevsky”