My attitude to subcultures

My attitude to subcultures

The democratization of our society has revealed many opportunities in expressing our views and aspirations. Therefore, today, literally at every step, we can meet representatives of various subcultures, and people of informal appearance today are found not only on the streets of megacities, but also in small towns and even villages. As for me, I am not an ardent admirer of any youth movement, and I believe that it is only desire that you need to express your own worldview and not necessarily to radically change your appearance. On the other hand, I believe that any youth subculture has a right to exist, and each of us can become a full representative of any youth movement.

As far as I know, a subculture is defined as any current whose characteristic features are different from traditional

representations in a generally accepted culture. Most of the representatives of the subculture are few in relation to representatives of traditional trends in art, literature and other types of cultural activities of modern man. Currently, there are subcultures that are formed on the demographic, national, geographical, professional and other, the most common interests in our society.

At present, various subcultures of modern youth occupy a special niche. Today, there are many reasons that contribute to the emergence of young people, standing out from the general mass in appearance, and sometimes in behavior. It is generally believed that the main reason is the person’s desire to stand out and show his individuality. I think that this is not quite true. If there is a small group of people who just want to be different from the gray crowd, then all their followers are just copying them. And the fact that the tony is adjacent to any movement or representatives of the subculture is just a fear of being unrecognized among their peers. Personally, I think that people who do not distinguish themselves with courage and are not able to stand out individually are inclined to such imitation.

Another reason for the emergence of youth subcultures is, of course, the departure from boring everyday reality into a more interesting

and eventful life. However, even here I can not understand those who become participants in informal movements. I believe that every one of us can decorate our life and sate it with interesting events in thousands of other ways, and for this it is not necessary to dress in defiant clothing, do shocking haircuts and behave differently than everyone else.

Some modern researchers of social phenomena believe that in our country at all times there was a certain kernel from which one and then another subculture arose. Others believe that the emergence of informal youth movements is caused by the economic and social instability of our society over the past decade. In addition, quite often among the reasons for the spread of subcultures are the loss of moral and cultural values ​​that are necessary for the normal existence of modern society and the normal relations between its representatives.

I believe that all these reasons are only half true. And the main impetus to the emergence of a huge number of youth informal movements was the anarchy of the early 1990s and free access to the West, which was closed to our compatriots for more than half a century. Fortunately, many subcultures disappeared as quickly as they appeared. And those that survived – metalworkers, goths, emo, ravers, football fans, bikers and some others, proved their right to exist. I am sure that they have all lost their pro-Western traits and today are proof of the democratization of our society and its loyalty to informal movements.

The image of a representative of any subculture is not only his clothes, but also the demonstration of his appearance of values ​​and beliefs that propagates the movement. And today each of the existing youth subcultures has every chance to grow into a full-fledged culture over time. An example of this can serve as some advanced ideas, found understanding and support in our society, as well as a great interest in the actions and other events that are regularly conducted by representatives of various youth subcultures.

My attitude to subcultures