Composing a letter to a soldier

What happiness to live in the world!

Live in this world, on Earth!

Hello, soldier! The soldier is the most terrible and brutal war!

My name is Sergey Rogov. I am studying in the 7th grade of the secondary school No. 30 in Podolsk, Moscow Region. You, of course, do not know me. After all, I was born under the peaceful sky of our beloved homeland, which you defended in the distant 1941-1945. I did not hear the howling of bombs, the rumbling and ruptures of shells, I did not see the pain, blood and tears, I did not see the burned villages, the blown up houses in the cities. I only know about the war from books, from films, from the stories of war veterans that I met, from conversations with my dad, a colonel of the Soviet Army, now retired.

Listening to their stories, I could not remain indifferent to the feat of ordinary soldiers who had passed this terrible war, which nothing could break, nothing caused to tremble, betray, retreat.

I do not know, dear

soldier, how old are you, but I know that among your comrades there are a lot of young guys who wanted to live, to enjoy the sun and the peaceful sky.

Selfless love for your native land and a sense of responsibility for all generations to come helped you and them to win in this monstrous war!

Thank you, soldier! Thanks to everyone who, standing next to you, enduring fatigue, hunger and death, went into battle! Thank you for losing loved ones, relatives, friends, loved ones, you continued to go to a great victory, to the victory thanks to which the world without war has been 68 years!

Dear soldier! I so want to tell you about how nice, peaceful to live in a world without war. A world without war is the joy of the coming morning, this warm, affectionate sun, a bright sunflower and a white-rimmed slender birch tree outside the window at my dacha, laughter and screaming children in the playground. It is the roar of a flyer flying high above me in the transparent sky of the plane, and gentle, fluffy, weightless clouds-beds that slowly sail to a distance unknown to me. This is a place, theater, rest, entertainment.

It’s scurrying through the wide streets of cars, and trolleybuses, bright shop windows, fruit, candy and holidays.

A world without war is a joyful trill of a school bell: “Hello, go to class! Study, do not be lazy!” it’s the joy of meeting with the home desk, with your neighbor, the excitement and anxiety before the control: “Difficult?”

A world without war is a trip with a class to Moscow to a play, to a museum to learn new things, to relax, and then, sitting in the bus, on the way to Podolsk, have a fun chatting with a friend about computer games, music, and just about everything. And you can, looking out the window and be quiet, watching as traffic lights, bridges, houses, cars pass by. Just dreaming.

A world without war – tired after training to fall into a soft comfortable bed, do not be afraid and know that tomorrow there will be morning, day and evening again, the sun, chirping birds, there will be mom and dad, I will and my future.

But our peace, dear soldiers, is very fragile. We must protect him, your grandchildren. To protect and protect from all those who incite enmity between peoples, who commit terrorist acts, who do not want peoples to live in peace and harmony.

The world without war is beautiful. He is all in flowers – pink, heavenly, orange, yellow. He is fabulous, kind, magical.

Thank you, soldier, for peace without war! Thank you for living on our land! LOW bow to you, SOLDIER!

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Composing a letter to a soldier