“You are forever responsible for those who have tamed”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery is not just a pilot and not just a writer. He is also a great sage, a philosopher who knows how to express the ineffable by simple and accessible words, to convey the inexpressible.

For whom the author wrote his fairy tale – for children or for adults? And is this a fairy tale? The image of the Little Prince is so real that it seems – this is another friend of yours, serious and trustful, honest and faithful. Just now this friend left. On another planet? What nonsense! Always, when a friend leaves for a long time, it seems that he is on another planet. But, as the wonderful writer Richard Bach said, “there is not such a place – far.”

The little prince lives among us, but we can not always see him. As the Fox said from a fairy tale, “people no longer have time to learn anything.” But in order for you to have a real friend, “you need to be patient”, and hence – in time. Seldom happens friendship

at first sight, a person must be well recognized and “tamed.”

“Sharply one heart only,” – shared the Fox with his friend the Little Prince. Indeed, the closer we know a person, the more our perception changes: we observe him no longer with our eyes, we evaluate actions with our heart and not with our minds. “Words only prevent one from understanding each other,” because most of all people are revealed in deeds. And how nice to be silent next to a friend!

Sharing their feelings, giving one another love and care, people “tame” each other. The more you give, the more you acquire, the stronger become the bonds connecting people, helping to see with your heart.

Fox helped the Little Prince to deal with his feelings for the first friend of the prince – a beautiful rose. When the Little Prince came into the garden and saw that all the roses “look like his flower,” he thought that the rose simply deceived him, showing off “that she does not have any in the whole Universe.” And it was only after he met Lis that Prince

realized how right the rose was. After all, it’s her little prince every day, covered with a glass cap from drafts, “listened to her, even when she was silent.” And now, as a result, the Prince realized that for him this flower is more expensive than all the flowers of the world combined. And nothing that this rose looks like the rest, because “the most important eye you will not see.” We love our friend not only because he has red hair or long legs, and not because, that he is a good student or best of all swims breaststroke. We love him as a whole, as he is, with all his “flowers” and “thorns.”

I completely agree with the words of the wise Fox: “You are forever in charge of all those who have tamed.” After all, in friendship, not only you give, but you are given, and you need to be very careful, sensitive and tactful, so as not to lose precious gifts. By giving love, trust, care, a person reveals himself to you, becomes defenseless, but this connection is stronger and more reliable, it helps to uncover additional reserves of strength and energy. Communicating with a friend, we, like the Fox, find out the price of happiness.

During his journey, the Little Prince gained many friends. It’s not just the Fox and the pilot who told us this story. Millions of readers, adults and young, became true friends for the Little Prince. And most importantly, the Little Prince learned that real friendship is not terrible distances. In separation, feelings only grow stronger and sharpen, to give joy and love to “tamed” hearts over and over again.

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“You are forever responsible for those who have tamed”