War in human life

The most difficult war in all history, which was in this world is the Great Patriotic War. For a year she experienced the strength and will of our people, but our ancestors passed this test with honor. Many writers described in their works love for the homeland of the Soviet people and hatred of the enemy, they showed that there can be nothing higher than the interests of mankind. But, what people experienced at the very war in the center of events – no one can describe, because the soldiers themselves. Unfortunately, many of them are no longer alive. We can only imagine and guess.

For four years the war lasted, filled with pain, horror, suffering and torment. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, died in that battle, leaving millions of children orphans and widows wives. But, at the cost of their lives, we still received the Great Victory, faith in a bright future, happy days and the opportunity to enjoy the bright sun on Native land.


war has crippled the lives and psyche of many people, tortured souls by forcing not only men to fight, but also women and children. Their exact number can not be counted, because until now archaeologists find the remains of the bodies of the dead then and return for the long-awaited burial to relatives.

War for all of us is not an empty word, but an association with bombing, automatic bursts, exploding grenades, piles of corpses and a river of blood. These ruthless lessons left a trace in the life of all mankind from small to old. Old people teach young people, calling for peace, with their horrific stories and stories.

Mankind did not know what happiness, justice, freedom was for four years until it won. These actions have turned the world beyond recognition, destroyed hundreds of cities, villages, towns…

After that war, everyone changed.

It is impossible to imagine how courageous, courageous and fearless people were on the warpath. They blocked their way with their own breast to the enemy and, thanks to their love for the Motherland, won freedom, peace and love.

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War in human life