My favorite book is “They were swarthy and gold-eyed” R. Bradbury

I like reading science fiction books. But I do not like all the works of science fiction writers. I’m not interested in all-powerful supermen, leading endless star wars, insanely and ruthlessly conquering all, exciting more and more new territories of the universe.

I like reading books, warning books that can be useful to a modern person in real life. To such books I include the works of Ray Bradbury, especially the “Martian Chronicles” and “451 degrees Fahrenheit”. I especially like the story “They were swarthy and gold-eyed.”

The subject of the story is the collision of a person with the result of his own activity.

Life on Earth was so dangerous for a person that people, trying to avoid the consequences of the impending atomic war, flew to Mars. There they built their own dwellings, like those left on Earth, planted the seeds of plants and trees brought from Earth and tried to live as before. But air, soil, water, sunlight

and heat – everything was not the same as on Earth. People, and especially the main character of the story, Harry Bittering and his family, hardly got used to the new.

Gradually, under the influence of change, the characters themselves change. The hardest of all was Harry: he dreamed of returning, even building a rocket. But over time, and he changed. The ways to retreat were cut off. On Earth, the atomic war began.

When the war was over and the earthlings sent rockets to their compatriots, they saw a beautiful, healthy and peace-loving people. Once upon a time they lived on Earth, loved their planet, tried to preserve their language and traditions. And now they were swarthy and gold-eyed Martians.

This story of Bradbury sounds like a warning to people that one should strive for a better life without wars, without destroying each other. Maybe someone will be able to survive after the atomic disasters, having mastered other planets. But you can not remain earthlings without Earth. Reading Bradbury, you begin to love and appreciate your planet more and think about its future, about the future of all living on Earth.

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My favorite book is “They were swarthy and gold-eyed” R. Bradbury