The influence of works of art on man

In modern society there is a clear trend towards the development of logic. Dry logical thinking is necessary for mastering information, moving up the career ladder, getting high social status. Often, even in communicating with others, people build a dialogue based on rational calculation, and this absolutely does not promote the emergence of sincere relations.

Against this background, the role of feelings and emotions is very underestimated. The fact that the emotional sphere also needs development, many do not even think about. As a result, the personality turns out to be disharmonious. She stands firmly on her feet, but inside she feels emptiness, does everything right, but without a soul.

It is because people pay so little attention to their emotions that there are a lot of passers-by with “empty eyes” and sad faces on the street. We carefully “crush” our own experiences, trying to be reasonable, to react adequately. If you do this all the time,

you accumulate a load of unreacted experiences. They do not go anywhere, but find an outlet through illnesses (mostly psychosomatic), constant dissatisfaction, irritability and emptiness. To correct such a deplorable situation will help art.

Art – the sphere of human life, which refers to the “strings of the soul.” Drawing, playing music, doing stucco, writing poems and prose, creating applications and needlework, a person gives way to accumulated experiences, fears, mental stress. Scientists have proved that people who are systematically engaged in creativity are more stress-resistant, they better learn new information, have a more flexible thinking, adapt quickly to new circumstances, find optimal solutions in unusual situations and notice the beauty in everyday situations, everyday things. The passive perception of works of art also has a similar effect: listening to your favorite music, watching movies, reading books, reading pictures.

The results of the experiments showed that neurogenesis (the formation of new neurons) occurs even in adulthood. Its intensity directly depends on the

way of life. The education system, the working environment is almost entirely aimed at developing the left hemisphere of the brain, so you need to develop your own right hemisphere, which is responsible for the emotional sphere. For this it is important to engage in creativity. Many people say that they can not draw, so there’s no point in spending time on it. But the main thing is not a perfect result, but the process of creation. Therefore, do not limit yourself, it is necessary to find an interesting field of activity and create, “pouring” the accumulated baggage of emotions into creativity.

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The influence of works of art on man