My favorite writer’s work

My favorite author is the Russian classical writer Nikolai Gogol. I like reading his stories from the series “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”. They have inimitable humor, funny characters, riddles and mystery. In the stories of Gogol, for example, “Sorochintsy Fair”, “Lost Literacy”, “The Nights Before Christmas”, there are truth and fairy tales, folk beliefs and legends.

Near the people, Gogol has an evil force, but it’s funny. Devils even behave like people: one drinks a scroll in a tavern, the other takes care of the witch Solokha, and she hides her bags in the sacks of her fellows. Good and savvy end up defeating the evil forces. Gogol creates very interesting images of people: cheerful Cossacks, fussy girls and brave couplets, cunning women, who are being pegged at leisure.

With the people there are funny stories: a pig in “The Tale of how Ivan Ivanovich quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich” steals paper, a crowd of brave at the fair runs away from one pig face. In bags with the cauterized good, there are people, in the garden the grandfather discovers an enchanted place, and then his own wife pours it there.

Gogol also has terrible stories, when reading which captures the spirit. This is “May night or drowned woman,” where a mermaid takes revenge on an evil stepmother, “Basavryuk or the evening before Ivan Kupala.” Gogol as if warns: one who wants to benefit from unclean matters will be defeated.

But usually Gogol in a good way laughs at the shortcomings of people: greed, stupidity, cowardice, gossip: “The blacksmith was drowned! And I say, I hanged myself!”. And also over petty resentment, bureaucracy (in the story of Ivan Ivanovich and Ivan Nikiforovich). Reading Gogol is a pleasure. His characters speak such a lively, colorful language that you do not want, but grin.

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My favorite writer’s work