The summary “Straightened”

While in the “smoke” of Turgenev Potugin said that Venus de Milo is undoubtedly the principles of the 89th year. You can ask about the meaning of the word “undoubted”. This word means that on one line there are principles, and Venus Milo, and village teacher Tyapushkin. Recently I went to the governor’s city. There I was very confused by the fact that the inhabitants of the city have absolutely no beliefs. When I was going home, the train was stopped for a few minutes. The recruits entered it. I was very impressed by the scene in which the unhappiness of families being deprived of their son is emphasized. When I got home, I thought. It turned out that my whole life is filled with a lot of unpleasant memories. Once in a dream I had a dream of something happy, but I could not understand with what memory this was connected.

Twelve years ago I was in Paris, where he taught the children of Dmitri Ivanovich Semmrakov. I was always considered a nihilist,

but still allowed to teach children. They believed that a nihilist can not teach children anything bad. At that time, Paris departs from the Commune and the war. Being in this city, I understood only one thing: the French differ from Russians only in that they remain people in any situation, even when they bring plates to richer compatriots. In Russia, servility is a human trait. The same can be said about women of cheeky behavior. I was also present at the trial, where they met without regrets with the communards. But even in this ship’s process there was not a single fake. If we talk about officials of Versailles, they are also absolutely honest people. In London, we saw wealth and poverty. But all this was peculiar to this city,

Soon we became bored in Paris. We already went to exhibitions without any interest. We have seen enough of the corpses of the Communards, the English “truth”, which embodies the French truth. In the morning I went for a walk. I was in a very bad mood. After a short walk, he saw the Louvre. Without thinking twice he stopped by to see, and stopped for a while near Venus

de Milo. Before that, I was morally crumpled, but now someone seemed to fill me with sweet, sweet air. From that day I came to the Louvre almost daily. Now I’m looking at all my previous thoughts and conclusions quite differently. I asked myself: what kind of dignity does a footman have? To serve is an insult to human pride, and, in principle, an insult to a person in general. In hard labor there is nothing natural. Gradually, this man disfigures himself. When the sculptor created this wonderful statue, he certainly did not think about women’s beauty, her age, etc., its purpose is to straighten out human souls!

I, the rural teacher Tyapushin, are very glad that this work of art still supports my desire to work for the people. I’m not going to humble myself to the truth I saw in Europe. You can not keep your dignity as a servant or servant, slavery involuntarily disfigures it.

Four years later I was back in Paris, but though my soul was again crumpled, I did not go to the Louvre. But now, when I saw the image of Venus of Milo, who brought me happiness and a good mood, I decided that I would hang her picture on my wall. She will constantly inspire me and bring a good mood.

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The summary “Straightened”