Summary “The tale of how one man fed two generals” Saltykov-Shchedrin

Two generals found themselves on an uninhabited island. “Generals have served all their lives in some registry, they were born, educated and grown old, therefore, did not understand anything, even the words did not know anything except:” Accept the assurance of my full respect and devotion. ” They came to the island dressed in nightgowns, and on the neck – on the order. One of the generals is smarter than the other – he served as a teacher of calligraphy at the school of military cantons. But he can not determine the directions of the world to bypass the island. Around them are many different foods: apples, fish in a creek, game and hares in the forest, but the generals themselves do not

They can get it. They find the newspaper Moskovskie Vedomosti. As luck would have it, all the notes in the newspaper are devoted to dinner parties. Generals are very hungry, and from hunger they pounce on each other. One bites off the order of the comrade and eats

it. The sight of blood brought generals to their senses. That general, that is more clever, suggests an exit: it is necessary to find the muzhik who would take care of them.

“For a long time they wandered around the island without any success, but at last the sharp smell of chaff bread and sour lambskin led them to the trail. Under the tree, belly up and putting a fist under his head, the huge muzhichina slept and brazenly evaded his work. It was”. A man starts working for generals. “First I took care of the tree and grabbed the generals by the top ten of the richest yaks – lokas, and took one, sour, and then dug in the ground – and got potatoes from there, then took two pieces of wood, rubbed them about each other – and extracted the fire Then, from his own hair, he made a silk and caught a hazel grouse, Finally he spread fire and baked so many different provisions that the generals even thought: “Should not the parasite give a piece?” “The peasant asks the generals to rest and they are allowed, but beforehand the peasant must make a rope and tie himself up so

that he does not run away. Within a day the man can cook soup in a handful.

The generals are full and happy, in Petersburg they have a large pension. They talk about the Babylonian pandemonium, they read without stomach cramps “Moscow Gazette”. But after a while the generals demand that the peasant bring them to St. Petersburg. A man builds a ship, the bottom of which is strewn with swan’s down, and they set out on their journey. “How many generals have accumulated fear during the journey from the storms and from the winds of different, how much they scolded the peasant for his parasitism – neither to describe it in a fairy tale, nor to say in a fairy tale.” And the man all rowed and rowed and fed generals with herrings. ” Generals arrive in St. Petersburg, drink coffee, put on their uniforms, receive huge pensions. “However, they did not forget about the peasant, they sent him a glass of vodka and a nickel of silver: merry, muzhichina!”

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Summary “The tale of how one man fed two generals” Saltykov-Shchedrin