Autumn Walk

Autumn days are noticeably shorter than summer ones, so I try to quickly prepare homework and take a walk in the fresh air, to admire the beauty of autumn. Usually we walk together with Olya, my beloved friend. But sometimes you want to wander alone along the paths of the square, which is not far from our house.

I go slowly and watch the autumn nature. The day is sunny, clear, but windy. Around a lot of leaves of different shades, they break from the branches of trees, rustle sadly along the avenue, as if running away from me. And some still manage to sink into the yellowed grass lawn, but the wind again picks up them, and they whirl in the air like a yule. For some reason, they are sorry, they will not live until spring.

And here is a large linden tree. She’s almost naked now. The leaves are visible only at the very top, like a yellow handkerchief. Two thin aspen trees next to the linden tremble under the wind and stretch twigs to each other. And the maple leaves seem to me the most beautiful. I watch one of them. Yesterday it was yellow with green veins, but today it’s completely yellow, it’s golden, it’s about to fall. I warm it in my palms and look at the sky. It is still light blue, only here and there are gray shades. Floating white clouds, they are driven by the wind. He is in the park.

It’s getting cooler. There are very few people in the square, everyone is in a hurry to get home. And I do not want to leave. I walk to a large flowerbed in the middle of the park. There were many bright colors in summer, and now dry stems stick out. It’s sad. It’s already starting to get dark. We must return home. But tomorrow I will come again to see the farewell beauty of autumn.

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Autumn Walk