Making my dream home in Russian

Making my dream home in Russian

I live in an apartment in a high-rise building. It’s nice and cozy, but I like my own country houses more. The house that I dream of would not be very far from the city, in a quiet beautiful place, perhaps – near a river or a lake. I also would like to have a small pine grove next to my house.

The house itself I imagine a brick, with a smart green or red roof and with large windows. It would probably have two floors. Downstairs I would like to have a spacious living room. There it will be possible to place the arrived friends and relatives, celebrate various holidays. In winter there would be a real fireplace. In the summer, you could get together at a large table on the terrace, where the living room door would go. On the first floor I would like to arrange a kitchen

and a library with many books. A separate small room would be arranged for our dog.

On the second floor of my dream house there could be bedrooms and two spacious children’s rooms – for me and my sister. Now we have a common room with her, and I would like to have my own room. There I will arrange everything to my taste. A small beautiful balcony would have been made on the top floor.

I would like to live in a house to which the pool adjoins, because I like swimming very much. The pool near the house is very convenient, especially in the summer heat.

Near the house, we could break a flower garden, and then the garden would begin. In the garden there will be fruit trees and a low furry tree. For the New Year it can be decorated with toys and garlands, and it will always remain green.

On the site near the house I would like to have a playground. Here my sister and I could bring our friends and play with them in the ball and other games. Between the trees you can hang a hammock and put benches or a pergola. In the garden, we would hang birdhouses and feeders.

Of course, such a house is just my dream, but maybe, when I grow up, I will be able to do it!

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Making my dream home in Russian