Composition on “Decency”

Composition on “Decency”

Decency is a very complicated concept; for each person it has its value. Of course, you can begin to consider its essence in terms of morality or etiquette – in general, all that we are told in school. But I will not do this, I will tell you my own, personal and sincere, understanding of human decency.

To begin with, I will tell you a story that my grandmother always told me in my childhood. It was during her youth. Then the question of decency was very acute and any slanting gaze could put an end to your career, and maybe even life in general. She then worked at a factory that manufactured sausages. Her partner always watched her behavior, and, of course, she was always set as an example to the whole shop: they say, what a fine fellow he does, he does not violate rules, nobody

is ever rude to anyone, and in general a very decent girl. And one evening she went home with my grandmother. A puppy ran up to them; it was evident that he was very hungry and felt bad. My grandmother immediately began to iron and feed him, but Irka (who was calling my grandmother’s partner) just stood there and looked at it oddly. On the question of how, why she is standing and just looking, she replied that she was not needed this shavka and why she was wasting her strength on it, she does not know. As a result, this dog has lived with my grandmother for many years, but with Ira from that day the grandmother does not speak. Here it is just right to ask: where did her decency go, when she was so needed?

It was thanks to this story that I realized what it really means to be a decent person. First of all, you should always be ready to help those who need it, respect the elders, take care of their loved ones and friends. Before you say something, you must always think that in any case, never to offend anyone. You should not betray people who rely on you, but should be a faithful and kind friend.

And the most important thing is that you must want to be a decent person, and then your decency will be real. After all, not always the person who is decent with you, will be the same with other people. A good and courteous worker can turn out to be a tyrant for his family, and at first sight a sweet and unremarkable girl can show her indifference to animals or people.

Decency should not be just a word or a term for us, it should be a part of our life, because only then does this simple word take on any meaning.

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Composition on “Decency”