Listopad – the phenomenon of nature

The phenomena of nature that are associated with the changing seasons are called seasonal. Listopad just belongs to such seasonal phenomena that occur independently of a person. Trees are living organisms, which means that leaf decay refers to the phenomena of living nature.

In the autumn it gradually becomes colder and the foliage of the trees turns yellow, and then the tree gets rid of the foliage. Leaf fall is a beautiful autumn phenomenon of nature, when yellowed and reddened leaves are thrown to the ground by wind.

Leaving leaves is a necessary process that allows the tree to survive in harsh winter conditions. After all, the leaves of such trees are thin, with watery juice inside, which instantly freezes at minus temperatures. Trees discard the leaves from the branches also so that the layer of snow on the leaves does not damage the branches. It is easier for a bare wood to survive, that’s why he needs a leaf fall, a unique phenomenon of wildlife.


fall, fall of leaves in autumn, when they wilted and dried up – this is a phenomenon of wildlife.

As we know, natural phenomena are divided into two types: phenomena of living nature and phenomena of inanimate nature. Inanimate nature refers to what is eternal: thunderstorm snow, earthquake, tide in the sea. And to live everything that can breathe, eat, die, be born, fade.

The leaves appear from the buds in the spring, when the vital forces of the tree begin their work: roam, renewed by the action of heat and sunlight. The sprouts grow and turn into leaves. Throughout the summer, the leaves feed the tree with energy, producing chlorophyll in their cells, transforming the energy of the sun into oxygen, so necessary for all living things on planet Earth.

Leaf fall occurs in the autumn and begins with the first arrival of cold weather. Trees prepare for hibernation and slowly drop their foliage. And, as we know, from the course of the school curriculum, the trees are a living nature, as they breathe, they grow, therefore, leaffall itself also refers to the phenomenon of living nature.

And why trees with the advent of autumn days begin to lose their leaves, you can find out from the article below:

Listapad is the name of the month of the year. In translation from the Belarusian this is November. Hence, the phenomenon is simply nature. Neither alive nor alive.

Leaf fall is a fall of leaves from trees. Trees are part of wildlife. Consequently, the fall of leaves from living trees in autumn is a part of living nature.

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Listopad – the phenomenon of nature