Letter to the veteran essay

Hello, dear veteran! Usually letters start with congratulations, wishes or requests. I would like to begin with thanks. After all, you can not fail to admire your feat, which will forever remain in the memory of people.

Thank you for being a child, you stood at the machine and without a tremor in your voice repeated the immortal phrase: “Everything for the front, everything for the Victory!”. Thank you for the fact that in the bitter cold you, even after going through a terrible test of captivity, were going to liberate the captured cities. Thank you for having lost a loved one, you did not give up, did not give up; for the fact that in your eyes there is a burning, burning and burning fire, a fire of hope, and fear, and striving to settle in the soul, you are not guided.

My great-grandfather often told me about the Great Patriotic War. I remember every word, every sigh, every tear that he wanted to hide. Why are the heroes embarrassed by tears? The strength

of spirit, trained in battle, courage displayed in the battle for the homeland, uniform dressed in decorations – all this you deserve the right to mourn the fallen. No, you will not give slack, never…

War time is a time of grief, death and fear, but even then your heart was saved from the cold of hopelessness. How did you raise your morale? Surely you and your friends in the breast pocket, at the heart, lay a collection of poems by Konstantin Simonov. And what song flew after you to attack? I am sure, not once or twice, the enemies shuddered when they heard the friendly chorus of Russian soldiers performing the eternal “Katyusha”. Remember that you sang, remembering the house? I think “Dark Night” was your companion and guide to happy memories of the past and bright dreams of the future.

You, like no one else, know the value of true friendship. A feat for the sake of the Motherland, a feat for the sake of friends – is this not the highest manifestation of valor and courage. Well, the support of a friend in a fateful minute was sometimes more expensive than a combat

projectile. The multinational people of the Soviet Union stood up for the defense of the Fatherland. People from all ends of it united and won the Victory, fighting shoulder to shoulder. How then, after this, years later, we lacked this military solidarity…

Time rushes mercilessly forward, and I know a lot today that you do not understand, it is alien. I’m ashamed of some of the actions of our generation, but rest assured, we will never forget you.

Forgive me for everything. With the Great Victory Day.

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Letter to the veteran essay