Biography of Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury is a singer, vocalist of the band “Queen”, musician, composer, poet.

Born Freddie Mercury September 5, 1946 on the island of Zanzibar. His parents were Parsis. Freddie’s name took hold of the boy when he began attending St. Peter’s school. At school age in his biography Freddie Mercury was fond of tennis, all-around. He studied well, studied painting and music. During his studies at the school he graduated from the piano courses. And in 1958, Fredy Mercury and his friends organized a band called The Hectics, which played at school evenings.

In 1962, Freddie returned to Zanzibar, but soon his family moved to England. There he began to study at the Polytechnic School, but was intensely engaged in painting and graphics. In his spare time he worked as a loader, because his family was not rich. After graduation, Mercury entered the London College of Art, Ealing, where he studied graphic illustration. Freddie stopped living with his parents,

taking off his apartment. Soon in the life of Fredi Mercury there was an important event – he got acquainted with the leader of the group “Smile”. Then I started attending band rehearsals, got to know Bryan May, Roger Taylor. After graduating from art college, Mercury together with Taylor opened his store.

In August 1969, Mercury met the musicians of the band “Ibex”, soon began to perform with them. But the group did not last long, and Mercury joined a new team: “Sour Milk Sea”. Here, too, the musicians’ union was not lasting.

In 1970, he returned to “Smile”. Soon the band changed its name to “Queen”. The place of the guitarist, after much searching and several candidates, was taken by John Deacon. Freddie created a logo for the group, including elements of British heraldry. Two years later, Freddie decided to take the pseudonym of Mercury. In 1972 he released the band’s first album. Mercury became the author of several first hits “Queen”: “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Killer Queen”. The band became

famous all over the world, tours to different countries began. In 1979, a biography of the singer Freddie Mercury held a joint performance with the English royal ballet.

1980 marked a new period for the singer, Freddie even changed his image, began to wear a mustache and short hair. Taking advantage of the holiday and suspension of the tour, Mercury started solo work. At first he released the song “Love Kills”. And in 1985 the album “Mr. Bad Guy” was released. Joint creativity with Monserat Caballe has resulted in several general performances at various festivals.

Since 1986, there have been rumors in the press about the singer’s illness, which he completely denied. About his disease, AIDS, they knew only the closest. In 1989, “Queen” refused to tour. This period in his life Freddie Mercury devoted to the records of songs, because he wanted to release as much as possible. Following the solo album “Barcelona” followed the albums “Queen”: “The Miracle” and “Innuendo”.

November 23, 1991 Mercury officially confirmed that he had AIDS, and the next day he died of bronchial pneumonia.

To this day, Freddie Mercury remains one of the most famous and popular singers of the world scale. In his honor was given a concert in 1992, which was performed by many stars and friends of the performer.

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Biography of Freddie Mercury