Composition “Is it easy to be a teenager”

Is it easy to be a teenager? Probably, it is definitely impossible to answer this question. Yes and no. Teenagers in our time have everything – cool phones, computers, tablets and many other modern inventions. In general, it’s not bad, children develop quickly, they learn a lot, but there is a bad side – teenagers become spoiled, grow up selfish and in some ways even greedy people. Teenagers all the time want something new, expensive, and often they are not at all worried about the fact that parents give the last money to please their child.

Instead of gratitude, parents receive another request, the children ask for more and more, a new iPhone came out, an even steeper tablet appeared – all this is an excuse for the next pumping of money from parents. Teenagers often ask their parents very much, while completely forgetting the banal words of gratitude.

In general, I think being a teenager is not bad, this is the time when you are not yet an adult, but already not small. When you can already answer for your words and actions, help adults, you are determined on your life’s path, choose a profession. In adolescence, a person already understands that he is interested and what is not.

The most important thing in adolescence is to find good friends who will help you to form as individuals. In the future, it will even be possible to enter a prestigious university together with friends. I think it’s not difficult to be a teenager, but we need to try to follow the right path – to learn how to respect the work of parents and generally respect people, learn to love and forgive, appreciate friendship, it is important to develop valuable qualities.

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Composition “Is it easy to be a teenager”