Take care of a person

Chekhov’s stories teach morality and morality. In some of them, AP Chekhov poses the problem of the disintegration of the individual, of “corporeality,” that is, the secrecy of man. Such stories include “Ionich”, “The Man in a Case”, “About Love” and others. Consider the plot of one of them, the story “Ionich”.

In “Ionich” is told about the doctor Dmitri Ionyche Startsev, who came to the city of S. There is boredom, a terrible routine, people are listless, passive. But Startsev meets the Turkin family, which is considered the most educated in the city. There he falls in love with the daughter of the Turks, Vera Iosifovna and Ivan Petrovich, Catherine, whom her parents affectionately called Kitten.

After some time spent in the circle of the Turks, he offered her a hand and a heart, but she rejected him, explaining that she wants to go to Moscow and become an actress. This she broke his heart, after which he lost the sense of living and just began to exist.

Here begins the decomposition of Startsev’s personality. He ceases to enjoy life, joins the very atmosphere of the city, gets fat, and residents start calling him simply Ionich.

Dmitry Startsev’s example proves the words of A. P. Chekhov: “Take care of yourself in yourself.” I believe that, following these words, you can protect yourself from the corruption of the soul to which Ionich was exposed. The most important thing is to fight for life, not to get into the passive state of the environment and never give up.

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Take care of a person