Writing about the feat

A feat is a heroic deed, when a person overcomes his abilities and commits something that an ordinary person can not do. People have committed feats throughout history. The feats of many heroes became legends.

For example, the ancient Greek hero Hercules, who performed twelve heroic deeds, which ordinary people were not capable of, is very famous.

However, in my opinion, every person can perform a feat, but this requires a huge willpower. During the Patriotic wars, the Patriotic War of 1812, and during the Great Patriotic War, many Russian soldiers defended their homeland, risked their lives, were ready to sacrifice it for the sake of the common cause. These people, Russian soldiers, performed feats, because their cause was a matter of honor and duty, because they were protecting people and their lives.

I believe that the feat is associated with overcoming enormous difficulties, as well as with the problem of choice. Someone can, for example, perform a feat, risk

their lives for the sake of saving lives of others, and the other person who faces this choice is cowed. Therefore, it seems to me that we ourselves decide whether to perform our exploits or not. The person who made his choice in favor of doing a good deed is worthy of admiration. Because very few people think about anything other than their own well-being.

In the book of Boris Vasilyev describes the feat of Alexei Meresyev. It was a Russian pilot during the Great Patriotic War. Once his plane was shot down by the Germans, and Alexei himself was thrown into the winter forest, which was far from settlements and villages. Alexei, who almost took his legs, within a few weeks, he reached on foot to the settlements. And when he, overcoming himself, reached people, he was put in a hospital. And then his legs were amputated.

But Alexei, who could not imagine his life without flights, without an airplane, trained every day for many hours to fight again against the Germans. Finally, after long months of grueling training, after overcoming internal difficulties and doubts, Alexei was able to translate his dream into reality. Later he received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

This man accomplished a real feat. And there are a lot of such people in our history, as well as in the history of all other nations. They all inspire people to do good deeds and to perform feats. Feats are necessary, because they develop the best human qualities in people.

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Writing about the feat