“It is necessary to judge not by words, but by deeds”

The story of Antoine de Saint-Exupery is filled with wisdom, like a jug – with cool water. It is wisdom, quenching thirst. Not moralizing – but the advice of a friend.

Most of all I like the fairy tale about the relationship of the Little Prince with a beautiful flower – a rose.

The little prince as a real master every day put in order his planet. He knew how to see and appreciate the beautiful, so he always admired the sunset with delight, he knew all the flowers of his small but cozy planet. One day, the Little Prince saw an unknown sprout, from which a beautiful rose rose, a flower that the Little Prince had never seen and knew nothing about.

With what touching tenderness and love the little prince took care of the beauty. He watered it, covered it with windshield and drafts with a glass cap, collected caterpillars. However, the rose revealed an unbearable character. She did not suffer from excess of modesty, she was proud and resentful, constantly

capricious and picky. The Little Prince tried his best to please the beautiful flower, but it is difficult to fulfill the desires of someone who does not know what he wants. Therefore, in spite of the fact that the Little Prince loved the rose with all his heart and became attached to it, constantly admiring its beauty and aroma, “doubts arose in his soul”.

The vagaries of the rose grew unbearable every day. Then, in order not to offend the beautiful woman and not to bother her with irritation, the Little Prince decided to leave – “to wander with migratory birds.” And the rose at the last moment before parting confessed that she loved him. “It’s my fault that you did not know that,” she said. Rose perfectly understood all the outrage of her behavior before that, but she could do nothing: no one had ever taught her to express her feelings differently. And the little prince after strongly regretted his departure: “It was necessary to judge not by words, but by deeds.” He meant that the rose brought the beautiful into his life, gave the whole planet a

sweet smell. Realizing this, the Little Prince could not just enjoy the flower and be grateful. Only in the separation, after the meeting with Lis, the Little Prince suddenly realized,

How often in life we ​​take offense at friends for offensive or rash words, waving our hand at the advice of parents, are angry with the reproaches of teachers. In these moments, we do not think that these people want us to be good, worried or even protected from our behavior. The wise Fox told the Little Prince: “You can not see the most important thing”. That’s why you need to listen to friends not with your ears, but with your heart, trying to understand the true meaning of what has been said.

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“It is necessary to judge not by words, but by deeds”