Composition “Youth of the 21st Century”

What is it – the youth of the twenty-first century? If you ask this question to the grandmothers and grandfathers of a modern young man, they will say that this generation, who lives one day, does not think about anything. They do not need anything, they are not interested in anything – such an opinion can often be heard from the older generation about contemporary young people.

Perhaps they are right? Look at the guy or the girl. They are sitting somewhere in the park, in the yard on a bench. Smoking, in the hands can be a bottle of beer. This picture can often be seen today. But this does not mean that absolutely all young people are interested only in drinking and thoughtless pastime. Not at all.

Modern youth is very different from their peers living in the twentieth century. First, they are much more informed than they are, because the latest technologies allow receiving much more information than fifteen to twenty years ago. Secondly, it can not be said

that today young people are less educated. On the contrary, they know more, because they can receive knowledge from a variety of sources. They just live at a different time.

But important human values ​​for modern youth have remained the same. They also love and want to be happy, like young people, one hundred and two hundred years ago. They also want to find themselves, their place in this world. Only the ways and means they have now are different, and the possibilities have changed significantly.

Modern young boys and girls, like in former times, are ready to come to the rescue, substitute their shoulder when it is difficult. Here the boy saves from the polynyas drowning. He risks his life, but helps those who are in trouble. A young man rescues a girl from a burning apartment. He performs a feat not for the sake of reward or glory. The boy is just doing what he has to do, because the girl is in danger. The newlyweds went out with their friends and, standing on the bridge, saw that the man was drowning. People rushed to save him. There are many more such examples.

That is, the values ​​of modern youth have remained unchanged: philanthropy, mutual assistance, help in trouble and others. And they have a purpose in life, too. Only ways to achieve this goal differ slightly from previous ones. And the controversy about the fact that at another time everyone was different, were and will be. And today’s young people in thirty years will tell their children that they were different, and they did not live like that. The eternal dispute of fathers and children!

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Composition “Youth of the 21st Century”